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when purchasing electronic equipment like digital cameras and digital video cameras please beware of the wording in the advertising. for example "SONY cct" or JVC lenses. if the product is SONY  then SONY should be the brand. big comapnies spend billions of dollars to design invent products and do you think they are going to allow a small factory in china to use that technology. When shopping on ebay you will find digital cameras video cameras for as low as $1.00. so then ask your self why is it that cheap. for an experiment i actually bought a digital camera from one of the suppliers . the camera looked great 8 mega pixcels but i took two photos with it and that was end of it. so it cost me $65.00 plus postage but i learned that when buying quality products they might cost more but at least i will get my moneys worth.

i hope this will help you in your choice of purchasing the new product, and thank you

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