eBargains To Be Had - Your Guide To Them All!

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Online auctions are a simple way to bag a bargain for your business. The first shock for newcomers to  is the range of items on offer. No matter how left-of-field your requirements, chances are someone will be selling just what you need. That means that even if your business is operating in a fairly niche area, you'll still manage to find the specialist equipment you're after.  is a thriving marketplace, so it usually helps to be as specific as you can when searching. "Laser printer", for example, brings up hundreds of results. Do your research elsewhere, decide what you want, and then tighten your search terms (for example "HP2100N laser printer") There are bargains to be had from a seller's misfortune! There is a legendary transaction concerning a "widescreen TV"- yes, mispelled. Due to the mispelled description, the item attracted far fewer bidders, and was snapped up at a bargain price. Similarly, use a selection of different search terms for best results, such as "mobile phone" and "cell phone"

You have found your item, now you are ready to start bidding. Before doing so, however, you will need to register a username and password. Registration is free: like most auctions,  takes a cut of the final transaction, and as a buyer you won't pay for any extras over and above your winning bid price, apart from postage.

It is also worth bearing in mind the following:

Check if the item is new or used. Just because  is an auction doesn't mean everything is used. Plenty of companies operate " Shops", because it's a highly efficient internet shop-front. New items may still be bargains- but they also might be no cheaper than your local high street.
 • Understand the difference between  and Auction () transactions. With the deal is just like a normal shop - you click to commit to a purchase and the product is yours.
 • Some auction items have an undisclosed reserve price. If your bid is below the reserve, you'll be notified, and your bid won't count. Equally, you can bid again at a higher price if you wish.
 • On some auctions, more than one identical item is offered. In this instance, you can specify how many you want, and the stock will be distributed amongst the highest individual bidders.
 • Time is the enemy of the  bidder! Every auction item will be displayed along with the exact time of the auction's expiry. Bidding in the last few minutes - and even seconds - can be frenetic, so it helps to be by your computer during an auction's dying moments. Many items double in price as bids come in at the last minute.
 • This frantic activity is tempting. Don't be fooled into bidding way beyond your budget. When you spot an item you want, establish its real value by searching elsewhere on the net; and keep in mind a maximum bid. If you're outbid on your maximum valuation, console yourself with a cup of tea and start again - someone else has paid over the odds.

You can track your bids in "My eBay" which will list all your items. You can also watch items in "My eBay" without bidding - many eBayers lurk about, watching items until the last minute and then sneak in a bid

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