eBay Alternatives - eBay of Fee-Bay?

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Market Intel!

Our Aussie eBay got picked as the gennie pig of being the 'Pilot group' of rolling out the new FEE-bay era. Why? Coz we are small and easy going?! Bugga!

Having discussed with a few long standing eBay sellers, there will be a significant number of honest everyday average Joe prepared to pull out of this 'God of War - Fee collecting'.

Paypal is going to be the only acceptable payment methods, beyond that, pick up is the only way to go. But with the skyrocketing petrol price, who's gonna travel a fair distance just to pick up something that's supposedly to be a saving?

Sellers will be backed up or sellers will increase the price tag. - Alternative one

Is this the right way? Customers will not be happy, but who doesn t shop at Westfield and pay a premium for what they bought? On average, to set up a Westfield store, it's a upfront 50k shop fitting bill, on top of that, monthly rental is approx 5k - 10k. Did I mention that Westfield also charge a percentage on your turnover as the 'Profit sharing'? My point is Westfield = Expensive , but people likes to visit Westfield while bargain on postage with sellers on eBay. Logic? I have no clues!

Seller will offer alternative sales channel - Alternative Two

eBay is the Big Bro virtually internationally, but in Australia, there are couple of really good alternative online auction site, namely as per below.

1. Oztion - current ranking in Australia # 176! That's a fairly good traffic, compares to myshopping-com-au is only #258. The beauty about oztion is that, you only pay for what you've sold, listings are completely free! Although it takes three or four times longer than eBay to sell the same product, you won't mind generate an additional income from probably doing nothing. Set up cost = $10 rego fee

2. Myshopping  - Still significant volume, however you need to have your store set up first and pay them per a click rate. Set Up Cost = Charge on click rate

3. Forums - Depends on which industry you are in, participant in the right forum can lead to a good pump up to your own website. Set up Cost = Nil

4. Website - It's your business card to the world, make sure it's pretty enough but easy on eyes. Set up cost? Depends, try Zen-cart for free, it's good for a starter, or hire someone for under $1000 to do it properly.

5. Community weekend markets - Good family fun, lots of pet lovers, search 'Market affairs australia ' and you'll end up at a pinky website that's full of information. Set up cost? 30 bucks, I tried once, had heaps of fun, but considering the 4am wake up call, I have to give up ( I sleep around 3am normally)

Start changing fellows, before the Assassins from paypal tearing eBay sellers apart!


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Thanks for looking and always welcome for any comments. eBay message me if you like. And good luck to you all!

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