eBay Buying Guide: CHEAP STUFF

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One of my favourite searches on eBay is ending soonest. Just scrolling through the pages looking at all the items ending. No need to search for a specific item just leave the search box empty &  hit search. If it takes you to newly listed just change this to ending soonest, you will then need to to go through a couple of pages to get to ending in 1 minute or more. From here just scroll down and through the pages, you never know what you will find.

I have done this a few times, you get enough time to go read the description, check out postage and of course the sellers feedback and payment options, then throw a bid on. I have grabbed some good bargain for my neices using this way of searching.

Another way to grab bargains is to search cheap. bulk or wholesale. Last year for Christmas my sister and I did one of theses searches looking for nothing in particicular came across a set of saucepans for a lot less than retails price, this also included postage, and they were brand new. Grabbed these for mum.

Mum also uses this way of searching, she mainly gets Avon for .99c + postage.

There are a number of ways to find items on eBay, so just search and you never know what you will find

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