eBay Buying and Selling Guide - for fisrt time users

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After you have signed up for eBay make sure that before you purchase anything, you check the "feedback" of the seller. If they have a positive feedback of over 95% and they have sold to more than 100 people you should be in a pretty safe position to buy from them. When looking for specific items, try looking in the entirety of the field, i.e. looking for Harry Potter Book No. 4, type in 'Harry Potter Books' and you should get much better results and many more options. When purchasing, ensure you look at the 'Postage and Handling' costs, for although an item may seem incredibly cheep, the postage and handling may be $20 - $50 and could exceed your budget. Now that the basics have been covered, the easiest way to but 'Concert Tickets' all over the world or just in your country is to look up the speicific performer you wish to see (i.e. Robbie Williams), if you still dont get the results you desired then try looking in a wider field (like suggested earlier) and look for concert tickets in ...... (your town/city). Ensure you look at the cost, the conditions, the dates and the postage and handling but ensure that the tickets are for the venue you wish to attend. Ensure that when buying concert tickets, they are able to be re-sold for some may be cancelled/un-usable (in accordance with ticketek's rules) if re-sold and be sure that when paying for concert tickets, venue tickets, if there is a delay in the seller recieving them for it is an explicit venue, then ensure to pay through 'Paypal' and also as stated ablove, check the feedback comments of the seller. I hope this has informed you on how to use eBay, buying concert tickets and ensurign you get what you desire and what you have paid for, for more information visit eBay.com (or eBay.com.au) and check the terms and conditions apon registering/signing in. Thankyou.
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