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When comparing prices on eBay, one should really not forget to take the feedback rating into account. Some sellers have impressive 100% scores but realistically this is rare and difficult to achieve. Where exactly does it get too risky and dangerous though?

Often the worst of all sellers tarnish eBay's marketplace reputation. You can read about it in the newspapers and see it on the TV. Rarely you will find mention of the thousands of sellers who are honest, upright and forthcoming. Has anyone ever considered that buyers are to be blamed too? At least in part by falling for offers that are simply too good to be true and/or offer only highly risky payment options.

Here is how you avoid disappointments!

Before bidding or buying anything on ebay - check the detailed feedback score of the seller. Avoid all sellers with less than 97% - even this can be risky already. Above 98% you will find more accomodating sellers. Above 99% you can assume a genuine dedication towards customer service. The higher the feedback score the more the seller has to lose.

Be sceptical if the seller has few or no feedback ratings - particularly when expensive items are on offer. Sure the new $6000 notebook for $2500 would be nice but odds are that you get nothing and the seller does a runner with your money order.

If you can't pass up on something, request to pick up the part in person and pay cash. Maybe take a friend along or shop around and find the best prices reputable sellers can offer you.

Be wary if the seller promises too much. There are people who burn CD's full of common knowledge, old ideas and yellow pages listings and sell it business secrets guaranteed to make you millions. Others sell cheap glass lenses made in China that apparently transform your ordinary TV into a fully blown projector (yeah right) or list items like new XBox 2 consoles and only mention in the fine print that you are actually bidding on a coupon to buy the item at a reduced price from some shop. 

In summary, use common sense - avoid deals that are too good to be true and sellers with no feedback or less than 97%. If you want to be on the safe side, pick the seller with the best rating.

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