eBay, PayPal and Shipping Scammers - READ!!!!!

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Their are many people out their that are ripping people off everyday on eBay at no rick what so ever.
Their are 5 ways that i have picked up on.

1) The ridiculous shipping charges that all these people are charging

Just the other day I bought a car charger for my phone for $5.00 and it cost $9.99 shipping
I got it and it didn't even come in a box, it came in one of those Postal bags
It probably only cost the guy $3.00 to ship it first class.

If you are not paying attention, you could bid on a cheep item with a shipping charge more than the item is worth.
The people that jack up the shipping make their money their, but also save on the seller fees.
eBay only charges the final value fee for the price that the item sells for, not including the shipping
If you sell an item for $9.99 and .99 shipping you pay $.52 in final value fees
If you sell that same item for $.99 and $9.99 shipping you pay $.05 in final value fees

2) Then you have the sellers who rip off the international buyers

Its always hard to give a quote on those items that are not packaged yet
So these sellers tell them they will let them know the shipping price when they have won and after the box the item
They have a 2lbs box and charge the buyer for an 8lb box because they can
If the buyer refuses to pay he gets negative feedback, he lost his money and gets an unpaid item strike
what choice is their really?

3) The third way is when you buy an item that is say $29.00

You pay the seller the money he is due, but then he tells you the item is misplace or broke and he doesn't have the money or is not giving you your money back
what can you do file a Paypal claim when they take $25 from every claim
You waste your time typing what happened to Paypal for the $4.00
Yeah, you can leave him negative feedback but most likely he can do the same for you
after you give each other negative feedback he sends you a mutual feedback removal and both your negatives are removed
now he can catch the next idiot in his trap

4) Yeah, most people want to protect their shipments, but the seller doesn't

paying $1.35 for insurance is nothing big, but you get pissed off when the seller doesn't insure it AT ALL when you paid him to
These sellers make up so many excuses when you question why their was no insurance for the item when you paid extra for it...yeah, sure they forgot about it
if you sell 100 items a month with $1.35 insurance and insure NONE thats $135
doing that for a year, $1620 extra profit to just rip people off

5) The 5th way people get ripped off is on that calculated shipping

I didn't realize until I became a seller that the calculated shipping inst exactly what the carrier charges
Theirs this "handling fee" that sellers can add
Add a $5.00 handling fee on a necklace and have a buyer not check the calculated shipping is not going to turn out good for him

The reason all this works so well is that eBay and Paypal have poor systems for complaint
They think that if you got your item you should be happy, not that the seller just ripped you off on $15 shipping when it only cost him $4

Their are so many of theses scammers out their ripping off innocent buyers, and its times to wake up and look out for these things
Buyers are getting soaked over this while their trying to save some money and these sellers and walking about giggling about it

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