eBay Success - Automated Positive Feedback For Buyers

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With Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro, you can leave Feedback for buyers quickly & easily. You can:

1. leave Feedback in bulk.
2. use stored Feedback comments.
3. leave Feedback automatically (Recommended).

Leaving Feedback for individual buyers

1. On the summary page, select the check box next to the listing you want to leave Feedback for (providing the dollar sign is on which means the item has been paid).
2. Click the arrow next to "More actions" & you will find "Leave Feedback" button on the top of the drop-down list.
3. Choose one of these options:
    (1) Used stored comments (select one of the comments from the stored comments drop-down list. You can edit stored comments (see below).
    (2) Use custom comment (type your comment into the custom comment text box).
4. Click the "Leave Feedback" button.

Leaving automatic Feedback with Selling Manager Pro

Purpose: You can REDUCE the time you spend leaving Feedback by automatically sending positive Feedback to buyers.

1. From My eBay, click the "Automation Preference" link under Selling Manager Pro on the left.
2. On the Automation Preferences page, select "Automatically leave the following positive feedback" under "Automated Positive Feedback for Buyers".
3. You will be given two options: leave feedback for the buyer who has paid for the item or leave feedback for the buyer who has paid for the item and also leave a positive feedback.
4. Click the "Apply" button when done.

When a Feedback rule is triggered, for example, when the buyer pays, Selling Manager Pro generates positive Feedback for the buyer and randomly uses one of your stored comments (to be followed).

Edit Stored Comments

1. From the "Automated Positive Feedback for Buyers" page, click the "Edit Stored Comments" button.
2. Add, edit, or delete the comments that you want.
3. Click the "Save Comments" button.

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