eBay Success - Creating an About Me Page

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Ever seen the "Me" icon next to some eBay User IDs? That's the About Me icon that the other viewers can click on to view your page and learn more about who you are (I believe some eBay buyers will  feel much more secured once they learn more about the buyers).

Why Create an About Me Page

1. It is FREE.
2. Let the eBay community know who you are.
3. Display your items up for sale / auction / collections.
4. Help boost your eBay sales & make your customers or buyers feel more comfortable purchasing items from you.

It is one of the most fun and one of the lease used features on eBay, and it has the potential to increase your name recognition amongst bidders. If you are an eBay seller and you have not created an eBay "About Me" page yet, now it is a good time to consider doing so. It will only take a few minutes if you follow the steps. So read on!

Creating an About Me Page

1. Go to "eBay > Account > My Account > Personal Information > About Me Page" to create About Me page.
2. You can either follow a user-friendly step-by-step template or enter raw HTML code.
- Option 1: you will be shown a longer, wizard-style form that will help you to create a fun, complete About Me page from scratch with a minimum of fuss (for more details refer to " How to Use the eBay Template to Create the About Me Page").
- Option 2: You will be presented with an empty box into which you can type the HTML code for your About me content. Please keep in mind that your use of advanced HTML techniques (stylesheets, dynamic HTML, etc.) should be limited since any code you write will be encapsulated by eBay's own website.


Me About Me Page: Natalies-Boutique

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