eBay Success - Effectively Using the About Me Page

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In the last articles (" eBay Success - Creating an About Me Page" & " eBay Success - How to Use eBay About Me Page Template ") I discussed how to create About Me page to promote yourself on eBay. In this article I would like to discuss how to use this page, where you have more freedom, to build a closer relationship between you and your customers and in the meantime to promote your eBay store.

There are hundreds of thousands of sellers on eBay, what can you do to be one of those best ones. One of the best ways to chieve that is to use your eBay About Me page.

1. Describe yourself and your eBay Business - say a little bit about yourself such as "I am working in the accounting industry" or "I am a qualified account but I have a passion about fashion", say how you got into selling on eBay, and what you sell.

2. Link to your Feedback - to prove that you are a trusted seller you should link to your feedback rating from your About Me page. Just include a simple sentence such as "Click here to view my feedback".

3. Provide a direct link to your eBay store - as you may know, not all the visitors to your About Me page will have found it through your eBay store. Some may find your page through Youtube, Google, Yahoo etc. Therefore they may not know that you have en eBay store. Just include "Click here to visit my store" so that way you can drive more traffics to your store.

4. Other links - you will need to provide links according to eBay's policy. If you write reviews and guides, you can also provide the link to the articles you wrote on eBay. Just include "Click here to view my reviews & guides".

I can guarantee you should be well on your way to maximize the effectiveness of your eBay About Me Page if you follow the steps in my article. Many customers will use your About Me page to assess whether to buy from you so it is essential that yours is effective.

You can also visit my About Me page: Fashion by Isabella
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