eBay Success - How to Use eBay's About Me Page Template

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1. Enter Page Content.
2. Add pictures (2 pictures max.)
3. Select a page layout (Layout A, B & C).
4. Preview and once you've chosen a layout, click the "Submit" button save your page.

Using eBay's Step-by-Step Form

This form is designed to be easy to use, but a walk-through can still be helpful.

1. Title and opening paragraph - the top section of the form, labelled "Add Text" contains boxes for an About Me title and two introductory paragraphs. Your title should be friendly, salutary and brief, such as "Welcome to Natalie's About Me Page!" or "Thanks for Buying from Fashion by Isabella!". The paragraphs that follow are a great place to introduce yourself as well as your business to your visitors.

2. Add pictures - the 2nd section of the form provides space for up to 2 pictures with the size of 2MB per picture. a photo of yourself can create a more personal touch to your porfolio, and can also give a more trusting impression. Visitors now know that there is a real person behind all this work. A photo of yourself can also work as a great branding tool and can help solidify your business.

3. Details about eBay activity - the 3rd section is used to display your current auction listings and your recent feedback to your visitors.
- If you'd like visitors to be able to easily access your current auction listings, enter a title like "My Auction Listings!" and then choose the number of listings you'd like to show. These will be displayed as links, one per line.
- If you'd like visitors to be able to easily access your most recent feedback, select the number of recent comments you'd like to display from the 1st drop-down list labelled "Show Feedback You've Received."

4. Favorite Web Links - the final section of the form is a place for you to post links to your eBay My World, your eBay Reviews & Guideline Page, or your eBay Store.

Once you've completed the web form, click the continue button to proceed to the following page, where you can select the layout you like the best. once you've decided on a layout, click the "Submit" button to save your About Me page. You will then notice the "Me" icon appears next to your ID, at the top of your auctions, in your feedback profile and your "My eBay" page.


My About Me page:  Fashion by Isabella

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