eBay is not as honest as they make out they are

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Chinese sellers posing as Aussies are killing things for the Australian seller, but how can you detect them?

Here are some tips:

  • If the last two digits of the item ends in uneven digits, it usually is an international seller. IE $8.23
  • If the item is thicker than 20mm (2cm) and priced less than $7.20 It is sold by an international seller, posing as an Australian. This is the minimum price Australia Post charges for mailing anything other than a document is $7.20  That's right, to post two empty match boxes taped together is $7.20
  • $1.00 and with free shipping, you guessed it, an international seller
  • Check their feedback, people are not backwards when alerting others of deceptive international sellers
  • Pay careful attention of grammar and spelling within the listing. Even a moron knows when to capitalize a proper noun, and how and when to use particles like, a, an, is and that.  IE "Get off your peddle stool"

As a buyer, its great to be able to buy things dirt cheap, but the person that you are hurting, are honest Aussies, trying to make an honest dollar, on an uneven playing field.

So what's my point? Although you might pay one or two dollars extra, you're going to be looked after when something goes wrong, or when the product fails. You are doing your part in supporting fellow Australians, and keeping their dream alive.

Everyone knows selling colour contact lenses on eBay is illegal, but if you sign up for a European eBay account, and list them on the Australian eBay site, they will not do a thing about it. I have reported dozens of sellers doing this, and nothing is done about it.

The reason eBay doesn't give a hoot, is because they would be losing tens of thousands of dollars if they were to crack down on international sellers, with Australian eBay accounts. I have reported one particular seller, who has dozens of comments in his negative feedback stating he is from China, yet nothing has been done about it.

The only person who can do anything about it is you, by deciding to support Australians, and saying no to deceptive international account holders, selling in our country.

Thanks for taking the time to read my buying guide.

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