eBay store changes mean new business for eBay sellers

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SINK OR SWIM - DO OR DIE - The new stores will either be a great opportunity or finish you - what you do is up to you

The new changes coming in September will change the eBay world in Australia like no other change before. If you are a seller this can mean the end of your business or a great opportunity.
There are basically 2 major changes:
1. Store fees will be restructured AND Store items will be seen together with the general auctions in the searches.
2.Some listings will never make it to the first search page (even they run out in seconds) and some will be seen on the first page although they have another 30 days to go.

Think about it, now your listing gets closer to the first page with every second that it comes closer to end. THIS WILL STOP under the BEST MATCH algorythm that ebay will introduce.
Factors such as how many times a product was sold, the sellers feedback, the sellers DSR rating, and especially the sellers shipping feedback will decide where your listing goes (page one or page 10 of the search results)

A great misfortune for sellers that do not understand how it works


Don't get caught by these changes, make them work for you and grow from a small store to a huge store. YES IT CAN BE DONE.
You can either google for more info or just go to my store and have a look at my ebooks about the subject. the eBooks are free BUT due to eBay and Paypal fees as well as my sheduled listings I must charge for them. 99cents thats all and if your not happy or think the info is bad just ask for a paypal refund and I will pay - oh and yes we always leave pos feedback. :-)
You will understand why this is of importance once you read the ebook.

If you want the book just go to my store and click on the link with the Do or Die eBay logo. easy. its not written by me and public domain but it is 123 pages of needed info - that is if you want to keep selling on ebay successfully

Believe me you will not be sorry. else just google for info it may take a couple of hours but you will need info about the changes if you want to win or at least not lose.
Have fun and enjoy

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