eBayana Fan's Guide To PayPal Memorabilia (PayPalana)

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Since PayPal celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2008, an  eBayana Fan's Guide To PayPal Memorabilia (PayPalana) is all but overdue. You would not believe the cool stuff that's out there with a PayPal logo on it. But first, let's start with some required reading.

 Did you know that  eBay's 1998 purchase of PayPal was not so much an acquisition as it was a case if you can't beat 'em, buy 'em? That's just one of the fun facts you'll learn from Eric M. Jackson's The PayPal Wars: Battles with eBay, the Media, the Mafia, and the Rest of Planet Earth.

This corporate coming-of-age epic details the growth of the upstart start-up from its humble beginnings as Confinity (where it began life as a payment-exchange method for Palm Pilots and other PDAs) through its acquisition by x.com (now morphed into xe.com, home of the free currency converter, among other things) to its debut as PayPal.

Along the way, PayPal fought  eBay's efforts to keep it off the site, avoided being hijacked by the mafia, and somehow managed a successful IPO. How? Read all about it in The PayPal Wars. Whether you love the company or hate it, it's a well-written, briskly paced story that makes for fascinating reading. You might not be able to find a copy on  eBay, but do check there first.

Now let's get to the chotchkes! I've grouped items by category for easier and more organized reading. We'll start with some of the most current items -- from the PayPal 10th Anniversary celebration in Singapore and  eBay Live! 2008 in Chicago -- then we'll move on to pins; apparel; bags; and other miscellaneous items, including The One That Got Away and the biggest PayPalana ever.


PayPal Packing Tape Roll: 2 inches wide, and so handy for shipping
PayPal Cork Coasters 6-Pack, each showing a different currency: dollar, pound, euro, shekel, yen, and yuan
PayPal Asia Pacific 2009 Calendar

PayPal 10 Year Anniversary 2008 Notebook
PayPal 10th Anniversary Pen
PayPal Piggy Bank
from PayPal Asia Pacific
PayPal Car Decal

At the time of this writing, all of these items except the calendar (which I've already bought) were being offered for sale on  eBay by syzzlyn, a Seller from  eBay Singapore (ebay.com.sg). If you win several of the items, you may also get the big paper PayPal shopping bag that they came in! They were acquired at a PayPal 10th Anniversary party given at a club in Singapore, headquarters for PayPal Asia Pacific.


PayPal Erasable White  Board w/Pen in the shape of a talk balloon with the words "Let's talk"
PayPal Metal Slinky: also given out @ the 2008 eBay Developers Conference


PayPal 10-Year Anniversary Pin: rectangular, with a balloon in "PayPal blue" flying off one corner bearing the PayPal logo plus the words "10-year anniversary" and the date 2008
PayPal Pie Slicer: complete with a protective sleeve and a white plastic handle bearing the PayPal logo in blue; purchased from eBay Seller biggbill for my 745th positive feedback
PayPal 5-Foot Growth Progress Chart: a foldable paper chart that says "Let's talk" and measures your child's (or your) growth up to 60 inches


PayPal Piggy Bank Pin from  eBay Live! 2003 in Orlando: looks just like a piggy bank, with the PayPal logo
PayPal Safe Pin from  eBay Live! 2004 in New Orleans: looks like a safe, with the PayPal logo; some lucky eBayers got a specially colored version of this pin that was done exclusively in shades of blue

eBay-PayPal 1998 Pin: from the  eBay Live! 2005 (San José) Incredible Journey Pin Set, celebrating  eBay's acquisition of PayPal in 1998
PayPal "Let's Talk" Pin: from  eBay Live! 2007 in Boston; rectangular, in 2 shades of blue, orange, gold, and white, with the words "Let's Talk" in quotes and the PayPal logo in white
PayPal 10th Anniversary Pin: from  eBay Live! 2008 in Chicago
paypal.de Pin: from  eBay Germany (ebay.de) ; can't find it and can't tell from the picture exactly what it says, but I won it from Seller heidek25 @  eBay Germany in 2007. In fact, heidek25 was the source of a lot of my most fabulous international  eBayana. I don't know where s/he got it (although I do know at least some of it came from an  eBay employee or employees)…


PayPal France Beret in "PayPal blue" with the PayPal logo outlined in white on the front and the URL www.paypal.fr on the back; won from oski-bear in 2006 and one of my Favorite Things

PayPal Baseball Cap in black with the new PayPal logo (in 2 shades of blue) on the front (from  The eBay Shop)
PayPal Baseball Caps in khaki and black with the old PayPal logo (in blue and white) on the front; from  The eBay Shop, not so recently, and eBay Germany
PayPal Mobile Baseball Cap in khaki with the PayPal Mobile logo of a cellphone bearing the initials PP embroidered up front and "PayPal Mobile" embroidered on the back
PayPal Mobile T-Shirt in dark blue with the words "PayPal. Mobile." silkcreened on the front; won from Seller buiya2times in 2006
PayPal New World Currency T-Shirt in white with a big PayPal logo with a globe in shades of blue and green along with the words THE NEW WORLD CURRENCY silkcreened on the front; supposedly one of the 1st 3 PayPal T-shirts; won from Seller iware in 2005 and Seller aliwerks in 2006 (so my husband and I can both have one)
PayPal Global T-Shirt in white with the PayPal logo up front and a vivid full-color globe silkscreened on the back with the words THE NEW WORLD CURRENCY or GLOBAL PAYMENTS or something like that; I can't remember exactly what, and I can't find the shirt to check!
PayPal "Tiger Teams" T-Shirt in white, won from iware in 2006; has the PayPal logo plus a tiger's head on the front, I'm not sure why; it might say something on the back that explains it, but I can't find this shirt either
eBay-PayPal Co-Branded Staff Polo Shirt in pale blue from  eBay Live! 2004 in New Orleans
PayPal Polo Shirt in elegant black with the small PayPal logo embroidered on the chest in blue and white along the words "ein  eBay Unternehmen"; won from heidek25 @  eBay Germany in 2007
PayPal Polo Shirt in navy blue with the PayPal logo on the front along with the words "an  eBay company" using the full-color  eBay logo; won from Seller katyrusset, 2006
PayPal AUP T-Shirt in navy blue with a small full-color "PayPal/an  eBay company" logo on the front; on the back it says, "Acceptable Use Policy/We've Read It. Did You?" with the URL www.paypal.com/aup
PayPal Security Key T-Shirt in greenish-grey with the words "PayPal Security Key" and a picture of a PayPal security key plus "scrolling" rows of numbers on the front that extend to the back and the PayPal security key URL on the sleeve; won from heidek25 @  eBay Germany in 2007
PayPal Germany T-shirt in white with a small "PayPal/ein  eBay Unternehmen" logo up front and the URL www.paypal.de on the back; won from eBay Germany
PayPal Employee T-Shirt in black with a small PayPal globe logo on the front along with the word FRAUD, won from Seller bookdude8-half in 2006
PayPal Employee T-Shirt also won from bookdude8-half (who has got it going on in the employee-branded-items-from-thrift-shops department!) bearing all of the various names in PayPal's history crossed out (Confinity, x.com, PayPal) and the eBay logo circled, evidently celebrating or at least commemorating PayPal's acquisition by  eBay in 1998; very cool! Now I just wish I had one of the original Confinity T-Shirts, which featured a parody of Michaelangelo's famous Sistine Chapel outstretched-hands painting wherein money was being beamed between 2 Palm Pilots. If you don't know what I'm talking about, that just proves you really need to read The PayPal Wars
PayPal UK T-Shirt in white with UK in red plus a yellow Mini-Cooper and the words "Not Such a Mini Adventure!" along with the PP logo and a banner that says UNITED KINGDOM LAUNCH SEPTEMBER 2003 and the PayPal logo on the back: issued in honor of the September 2003 launch of PayPal in the UK
PayPal Long-Sleeved T-Shirt in dark grey with a small PayPal logo in the front and the www.paypal.com URL on the back
eBay Asia Long-Sleeved T-Shirt in navy blue and white in that style that looks like a short-sleeved blue T-shirt over a long-sleeved white one, with the white also peeping out at the neck and hem; sweet!
eBay-PayPal Dublin Long-Sleeved Lady's Blouse in lavender with the small  eBay and PayPal logos embroidered on the chest over the word Dublin embroidered in black; won from Seller brandy141170 @  eBay Switzerland (ebay.ch) in 2007; so pretty, and very unusual!
PayPal Employee Long-Sleeved Light Blue Dress Shirt won from Seller v604 in 2007; a uniform shirt supposedly worn @  eBay Live!, but it must have been prior to 2004 because from that year on I have been at  eBay Live! to see with my own eyes that employees get special  eBay Live! shirts for each event. I even got my own for  eBay Live! 2006, but that's another story…
PayPal Plus Rain Jacket: a waterproof zip-up mesh-lined windbreaker in "PayPal blue" featuring a concealed hood and pull-tight toggles at each hip with the PayPal Plus logo embroidered on it in blue and white
PayPal Polar Fleece Jacket that zips up the front in light and navy blues with an embroidered PayPal logo on the chest
PayPal Hoody: dark blue sweatshirt-material jacket that zips up and has a small PayPal logo on the front; won from Seller gratefuldad in 2005
eBay-PayPal-Skype Co-Branded Red Hoody
from  eBay Netherlands (ebay.nl): It says  EBAY on the front in big felt appliquéd letters in white outlined in dark blue embroidery -- two on each side of the zipper -- and has PayPal and skype logo patches on the sleeve along with a patch that says MARKTPLAATS.NL


eBay-PayPal-Skype Co-Branded Tote Bag in red canvas with white trim from former  eBay employee nicoposner, 2009: It's quite small -- only about 7" high by 8" wide by 4" deep -- but that's what makes it so cute, and it goes so perfectly with my eBay-PayPal-Skype Co-Branded Red Hoody that I just had to have it!
PayPal Backpack in bright "PayPal blue" nylon with black nylon rope handles that form the shoulder straps; I won it as a prize from PayPal Radio (thank you, Jason Miner!) and it holds all my extra purses on a hook in my closet
eBay-PayPal Dublin Launch 2004 Messenger Bag in basic black, co-branded with full-color  eBay and PayPal logos and the words "Dublin Launch 2004" embroidered on the front, celebrating the 2004 grand opening of the brand-new (at the time)  eBay-PayPal European headquarters in Dublin, Ireland; won from Seller xinrb on 31 Oct. 2005 for $32, and a bargain at any price. It has a removable padded sleeve that holds my MacBook

PayPal Dublin Backpack in dark almost-black blue; it's my favorite backpack because it has a tiny zipper compartment at the top juncture of the shoulder straps; I won it from a Seller @  eBay Ireland (ebay.ie) in 2006 or maybe 2007
PayPal Aluminum Rolling Case from The PayPal Shop @ PayPal Germany; I don't know if The PayPal Shop still exists (I couldn't find any link to it @ www.paypal.de) but it sure had some cool PayPal stuff!
eBay-PayPal-Skype Tote Bag in red and white canvas, 8.5" tall, with all 3 logos on it


PayPal Travel Mug in bright "PayPal blue" plastic, with a lid of course; won from Seller dixiecat3313 in 2006
PayPal Coffee Mug in white ceramic with the old blue and white PayPal logo; won in 2007 from Seller direct-from-the-author
PayPal Glass Mug from PayPal Germany (www.paypal.de) with the original PayPal logo on it along with something about "Der Weltweite Zahlungsmethod" ("The Worldwide Payment Method"); won from heidek25 @  eBay Germany


The eBay Shop  has pretty much always carried a couple of PayPal items, but now PayPalana has its own department.
PayPal Cinch Pack
in black and blue with white piping and black drawstrings, an open compartment that cinches at the top, a front pocket, and a quick-access zippered pocket with mesh lining for additional storage or your PayPal Water Bottle; can be carried either over the shoulder or as a backpack thanks to the drawstrings
PayPal Contrast Stitch Cap in navy blue with white stitching and the PayPal logo in white
PayPal Essence Journal and Stratton Twist Pen in blue and white, measuring just 5"x7" and made to pack well, with a protective plastic cover, 100 spiral-bound lined pages, and an elastic pen loop holding a click-action pen with a rubberized grip and laser-etched PayPal logo
PayPal W's Tipped Pique Polo Shirt in 100% micro-polyester to keep you cool and dry, antibacterial treatment to prevent odor, and Scotchguard® treatment to keep spills from becoming stains
PayPal Jellyfish Yo Yo in green, blue, and yellow with the PayPal logo in — of course — blue; just for fun!


eBay-PayPal Detachable Metal Keychain celebrating  eBay's purchase of PayPal in 1998
eBay-PayPal Coin from The eBay Shop at  eBay Live! 2004, New Orleans, in .999 silver; other editions were available in 2003 and 2005 from  The eBay Shop at those eBay Lives
eBay-PayPal Socks from  eBay UK in a British flag pattern with the  eBay and PayPal logos in black on opposite sides of the tops
PayPal Mouse Pad advertising PayPal Buyer Credit from an  eBay Live! prior to 2005, because we won it in May 2005 from Seller tootsiegirls
PayPal Stress Squeezie Dollar Sign from  eBay Live! 2004 or 2005 in "PayPal blue" with an URL for PayPal Buyer Credit
PayPal Notebooks, Mini-Notebook and Pens: Some came as a set from  The eBay Shop; some were  eBay Live! giveaways; and we won a nice blue and black PayPal Employee Folio that holds a legal pad from paypalman42023 in 2006

"PayPal Jason" Computer Brush: We call it "PayPal Jason" because we like to say it looks just like our good friend Jason Miner -- a.k.a. PayPal Jason, host of PayPal Radio (www.wsradio.com/paypalradio)  -- back when he had hair; won from showgold in 2007. In fact we won a couple of these, so we gave one to Jason himself!
PayPal Pedometer won in 2007 from mowrym: What PayPal has to do with pedometers I couldn't tell you, except that they both start with "p"!
PayPal Stopwatch won from troymunns @  eBay UK (ebay.co.uk) in 2007: I guess because PayPal is so fast?
PayPal Hand-Woven Wall Hanging won from seller shwaihat of Jordan, whose "homage to eBay" items are legendary (or should be)! our PayPal hand-woven 100% wool wall hanging depicting PayPal spelled out vertically wasn't even something we won; it was just included out of the goodness and generousity of shwaihat's heart as a surprise with some other items we won. It is absolutely beautiful — and one of a kind

PayPal Ping-Pong Paddles: Say that 3 times fast! In fact, we won a pair of PayPal Ping-Pong paddles, in their very own logo'd plush blue velvet bag (no balls, unfortunately) in 2007 from cnscc, a Seller @ eBay China (ebay.cn); they came in a lot with a really gorgeous PayPal Notebook Folio and a PayPal Leather Billfold
PayPal China Logo Watch: a really nice men's watch with an adjustable metal band and the PayPal China logo (www.paypal.com/cn/) on the dial; also won from Chinese Seller csncc in 2007
PayPal USB Flash Drive Rubber Bracelet in "PayPal blue", given out at the  eBay Developers Conference in Las Vegas, 2006: very handy, and so geeky-cool!
PayPal HongKong Stationery Gift Set containing a coasters set, PayPal notepaper, a lovely PayPal gold pen and a very useful PayPal calculator that's got holes on one side so that it fits in a ring binder notebook and has a beveled ruler along its other side. Sweet!
PayPal Promotional Financing Pop-Up Calculator that comes in a black leatherette sleeve and says PayPal Promotional Financing at the top along with the URL https://paypal.com/offercredit

PayPal Scarf/Bandana, Embroidered PP Patch, PP Sticker, White PayPal Pen and PayPal Postcards won from Seller *mirgehtsgut* @  eBay Germany in 2007: I also won a PP scarf (with the "PP" PayPal logo, in two shades of "PayPal blue" and white), PayPal cap, and PP patch from Seller kaka2004 @  eBay Germany in 2006 and a PP patch from someone else @  eBay Germany . I don't know what I thought I was going to do with all those extra patches, so look for them to show up on  eBay whenever they turn up
PayPal "Zahlenschlösser" won from heidek25 @  eBay Germany in 2007; these nifty little triangular padlocks bearing an engraved PayPal logo are programmable with the numerical combination of your choice
PayPal Fossil Money-Clip Wallet in black leather; it's a slim flat-pocket style with a magnetic money clip on one side and an embossed PayPal logo. I use it every day. Bitchin', and so elegant too!
PayPal Temporary Tattoos: given to me by Jason "PayPal Jason" Miner at the  eBay Radio 6th Anniversary Party in Las Vegas, June 2009
PayPal USB Glitter Lamp: a miniature lava-lamp-style glitter lamp that plugs into the USB port of my MacBook; it was a giveaway at the 2006 eBay Developers Conference in Las Vegas, and it's one of my Favorite Things. So festive!


PayPal "On The Air" USB VOIP Phone: Made in the shape of an old-school radio microphone, complete with "On The Air" sign and bearing the PayPal logo, it was given as a prize in a PayPal game at  eBay Live! 2006 in Las Vegas: I got outbid for this and am still kicking myself for it because I've never been able to find another one!


PayPal Sign from PayPal headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska: auctioned off when the logo changed, it measures 15 feet long and sold for $1300+ on  eBay, but not to me (although I did place one bid, just for the heck of it!)

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