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So you buy from Australian Stores and sellers on eBay becuase they most likely have cheap postage. Thats good if your buying one or two items, from different sellers. Buying internationaly comes with a risk, payment 'loss', postage being long or 'misplaced' and the fact you have to use PayPal.  Although didn't your first purchase on eBay feel like a risk?  You were waiting what seemed like forever beside the mailbox and hoping that your payment made it correctly.  But you still took that first step.  In comes international purchases. Benefits being broader options, cheaper items especially if you buy from Asian cities, multiple purchases from the same eBay seller brings the postage down.  For a range of items from kids clothes (cute outfits from major brands not found cheap in Australia), designer bags (knock-off's or the real thing), sunglasses (also knock-off's or the real thing), woman's and teen's clothing (amazing styles from designers or well done knock-off's).
You must research the seller you intend to purchase items off.  Make sure you can pay only through PayPal any other payment method should be denied for a case of fraud and 'lost' monies.
If you buy say three items for less than AU$5.00 and postage comes up to AU$25.00 you've saved alot due to buying seperately from buyers within Aust who will charge you more for the product but less for postage.
America offers a wider range of items you're looking for.  Try searching for your favourite brand label with PayPal only and post to Aust, you'll find there are alot of responsible sellers in the US that offer these services.  Use the eBay international to check out what the US has to offer.
Also when buying clothes take note on size charts they have for that item.  You may be looking at a site chart that converts international sizes but you'll get a better fit if you either ask the seller for measurements or check their sizing for that item you wish to purchase.
I am confident with making purchases internationaly and have come across some problems  at the begining as I didn't research the seller quite as much as I would have liked to. So remember to do your research, pay through PayPal only and you should be okay.
Any questions feel free to ask me as I'm happy to answer any, also if I've missed something here in my guide of eBaying Internationaly I'll be happy to add some more!
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