eBay's new feedback policy kills feedback ratings READ

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As many of you that are reading this guide know as of 5/19/08  You CAN NOT leave negative or neutral feedback for a buyer.

I've been a long time eBayer with 100% feedback for the entire time I've been selling here.

As of 5/19/08 my feedback is no longer @ 100%  it's now 99.7 due to three neutrals from unreasonable buyers or non paying bidders.


If you feel as I do that eBay's NEW feedback policy "sucks" please vote yes so this can be at the top of the guides and reviews that way everyone can voice their opinion by voting YES.

Our guides have been viewed by over 100,000 eBayers worldwide our current worldwide eBay guide ranking is @ 108 please help us get in the top 50!

Also, the paypal "only" for Aussie sellers has to GO!  But that's a whole other issue Mate!

What's next with eBay?   Stay tuned!  Or maybe....... eBay will go the way of the dinosaur!

Remember to vote YES if the new eBay feedback policy is unfair and NO if you think the new policy is fair.

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