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Have you seen all the eBooks on eBay? Recipe books, diet book, money-making books..... they're everywhere! But what is an eBook and why are they so cheap?

eBooks are books, or more specifically information, in an electronic form.

You'll find that a lot of eBook sellers prefer PayPal payment for their eBooks: using PayPal makes the purchase and receipt of eBooks easy and fast! The payment is instantaneous and your eBook is sent to you very quickly, often within a few minutes!

An eBook is usually sent to you in pdf. file format, attached to an email. These files can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader - a free program available to everyone that can be used on any computer.

When you receive the file you simply save this on your computer, usually in My Documents or wherever you save your document files.

You can read the information in the eBook on your computer screen or print out the information: print the whole eBook or just print out a page or two at a time as you need to. This is a more economical way of printing the information: for example with recipe books you can print out each recipe as you need it.

eBooks are sold inexpensively because you don't pay for the costs associated with hard-cover books such as mass printing and production, marketing, promotion and advertising etc.

Because of this you don't get the glossy pages or photographs, eBooks are generally pretty unexciting to look at, but what you do get is an easy, inexpensive method of obtaining information on subjects you're interested in.

Be aware that the photo you often see advertising the eBook is a promotional tool only: even if you see a glossy picture of a recipe book cover, you usually receive a text-only file with the recipes. Don't be too disappointed because more often than not you receive a lot of recipes/information for a very small outlay.

eBooks are available on a vast and varied range of topics, I like to sell recipe books and books that I know cost me a fortune in the bookshops!  Shizzall eBay Store  But, like all information, some eBooks are worthwhile and some are obviously not!

However, if you have an interest or hobby you enjoy and you don't need a hard-cover book sitting on your bookshelf, eBooks can be a great way to obtain information and broaden your knowledge!

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