ear stretching!!!

Like if this Guide is helpful

hi every one

my name is andrew

i have 6mm flesh tunnels in at the moment (moving up soon)

if there is one thing i can tell you about ear stretching it is


another thing would be


i am 17 and a punk   lol   so i wanted the tunnels NOW

i did my stretching to 6mm in a week, here is what i did,

(ps. i kept everything clean, i stole alcohol swabs from school  lol )

first i went and got my ears pierced

then i left them for a day the shoved retainers straight in

i bought a 3mm stretcher and a 6mm stretcher,

i used alot of vasaline,

i pushed the 3mm stretcher into my left ear and left it for a day

then that night i took it out and put the 6mm stretcher in,

while i put the 6mm in my left ear i put the 3mm in my right

(my right ear was a bit harder to do but i got it)

then i figured out i had nothing to put in my stretched ears once i was done,

so i had to compromise till i could go get the 6mm steel tunnels,

i found that the tube inside the handwash container was 6mm,

so i cut that and put it in my left ear,

then i put the 6mm stretcher into my right ear,

this took longer than my left,

(my method was, push then put the grommet on the back, then push then gromet, then push then gromet)

it worked well, my ear did bleed a tiny bit though (only my right)

cause i slipped and yeah

i tolerated the pain pretty well id say,

so then i was done stretching and had 2 6mm plastic tubes in my ear

i realised that they fell out when i slept so i had to change the way i slept for that night,

the next day it was time to get the 6mm steel tunnels

so i made a trip to the piercing shop the next day,

i bought the 6mm steel tunnels,

they cost me around $85 for 2

getting the tunnels in was a little hard but i got it eventually,

but i found screwwing the back onto the right one was the most annoying thng i have ever had to go through,

it seriously took me around 4 hours of triing then pausing then triing again till i got it screwed on,

but now they are fine and i love how they look,

i get wierd looks from old people lol

i have my lip pierced too

but oh well they are old, i still have respect

well thats my story, i found it very helpful to read as many stories before i went ahead and started stretching,

well if you have questions or anything i guess you can send them to my email or add me on msn if you have it.




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