ebay and paypal benefits

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Ebay is an awesome place to shop. You often time get goods you want at super low prices. However, I guess the best part about ebay is having the item delivered to your doorstep! True, you can't try on the clothes you buy, or ensure the electronics you bought is in mint condition upon purchase but with paypal around, this matter can be resolved easily.


I have experienced first hand about getting involved with an ebay dispute where i won an iPhone 4 and that the seller contacted me-acting like he was in good faith saying he was having difficulty withdrawing money from his paypal account-after i paid- I told him it was alright and that it was no rush. 1 week eventually passed and I heard nothing from him so i messaged him another time and he replied me exactly the same thing. I knew that something was wrong so I opened a dispute and in 11 days time, the money has been returned to my account. I thank ebay and paypal a lot.


The only thing I guess ebay can improve their ways is to charge paypal to buyers instead of sellers. Anyway, I have been a seller for a month now and that I guess, since paypal is mainly for the benefits of the customers, why not just let customers decide if they want to pay extra to be insured? I don't mind paying that extra bit of money to ensure my goods arrive ever since that case.


Thanks paypal, thanks ebay! You rock!

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