ebay !buying nice things cheaply and how to save $$$$$$

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within the time i have been using ebay i have mastered a way to get what i want without having to pay top dollar for it and save a few bucks on postage while i'm at it .

hint 1 : find ebay memebers who will combine postage at a small cost or even if your lucky there are some who will combine for free . once you have found these members it is a wise idea to save them to your favourites list . ( word of warning : always check a members feedback first before buying from them ) .

hint 2 : DON'T BE HASTY . it always much wiser to watch a item untill the last minute ,rather then competing with other ebayers to win an item this can bring the price of the item up way before the item is close to ending and you may risk loosing the item because the item has gone past the amount you are willing to pay .

hint 3 :  take your time to look around , don't just go for the first item you see , cause there is nearly almost always something the same or similar that may be going for alot cheaper than that of the item you seen first . in this situation is always best to compare both items and check the description for condition ect . also if items are close to the same condition watch both items in your my ebay section of ebay .

hint 4 : check out those auctions with both buy it now and bidding features these are great cause they give you the oppertunity to do eather one but be carefull as once someone has bid ,the buy it now feature will disappear . the trick with these that offer both , you need to think about the value of the buy it now , would the item sell for more then the buy it now amount ? or would it possibly sell for much less if i bid instead ? these are the questions you need to ask your self . if you think the item will sell for more then the buy it now price , i suggest you use the buy it now . this could potentually save you thousands espaecially when buying cars or other expensive items . when purchasing clothes this is really great aswell you still can save alot of money no matter what your purchising .also check for reserve amounts when buying cars and boats ect . as this can be quite handy as you can get an an amount as to what they are expecting for the item they are selling . in this case watching an item can still be handy especially if you are having doughts to the final value figure .

hint 5 : check postage costs before bidding , and if you feel the postage cost is too much contact the seller and ask them what you are actually paying for within those charges and if you still feel it is too much, politely ask them if they will lower those charges for you . in most cases sellers will only be too happy to do so so long as you will not be cutting them  short , as they need to make a living as well .most sellers only charge for the cost of the postage it self were as others may charge for packageing as well a percentage of the cost of petrol to go to the post office , there for it is always wise to ask what it is you are paying for .

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