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If you wonder about the aspects of social media for your business, then these are the hot sites right now to promote your store, website etc.

As a relative newbie to business social media, it was pretty simple and automated to post on these sites from ebay with the little icons that ebay has it is as simple as just a click and there you have your product listed on these sites.  It is pretty awesome tool that I find very easy to utilise when I want to expand our products to gain maximum views on other social media sites.

If you want increase in your ebay store I highly suggest to start a facebook page for your store, this was really simple also to transfer from ebay onto facebook, think outside the square for different topics that you might want to brighten up your page, we gather pictures and post usually 3-4 times per day on facebook, twitter and pinterest, the more you advertise or post the more likes, views etc you get to your business.

Go for it, you never know you might just enjoy the social media aspect of things, we sure do it's a lot of fun and keeps the brain ticking over thinking outside the square on ways and avenues that aren't the boring ones that sometimes you see.

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