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you can feel the blood rushing through to your fingertips as you find that item that you thought you never would, the quicker you can type the quicker you will find it. the purpose of my guide is to show all the ebayers what i have found to be useful in ebay tactics. first of all, CALM DOWN, i know that finding that rare piece of lego or that barbie from 1970 is so exciting to actuall y find, but think, it has 4d 17h 22m to go, thats how long you and everybody else has to wait for it! dont go mad and bid on it right now because that drives the price up to the sky, wait until about a minute before it finishes and then put your price in! then you have a true bargain, not an overpriced item that you could of gotten 2 of at big w for the price of this one. the second thing that i want to tell you is, check the postage rate, it goes on top of your purchase price, so if you buy that cuddle bed for $50.00 you have to pay the postage  price of $15.00 so that makes the price $65.00. take this into account when you buy it so that you have no hidden suprises when you go to pay, if it isnt showing, then ask for the postage price before you bid on it, wait for the reply and then decide if it is still a bargain. the third thing is, now matter what you are looking for i.e. ralph lauren shirts, there is about 10-15 other ways to find the same thing that may not show up on your first search. try ralph lauren polo, or ralph lauren accesories, ralph lauren shoes, ralph lauren jacket. you can always find a loop hole to find it. and lucky last enjoy yourself, it is so exciting that you can find anything that you could think of in one place and it is so easy, there is nothing like the thrill and excitement of waiting for your very first ebay purchase to come. you will be stalking the postie! but there is also one thing that i forgot to mention, make sure you stay in contact with the person that you are selling or buying off, it makes the transaction go so much smoother. good luck and happy ebaying!!
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