ebay is easy!!

Like if this Guide is helpful


ebay is a very simple website. signing is the easyest thing to do you don't even need a credit card! just go into the ebay home page and sign up which is up the top of page. you then have to just fill n your details and your laughin!! now you would think that if you're going t buy online it isn't safe right? wrong!! because all you have to do is sign up for a pay pal account which is dead simple! all you need is your email address credit card number and a password, then you can buy online safely. because Pay Pal is like a warrantee so if something does not show up for some reason pay pal will cover you. Now when you're buying and you see something that you just must have you have to do 3 things before you complete the transaction. 1. check that the item is pay pal. 2. check the sellers feed back score which is the number next to his or hers name in brackets and check the sellers feed back and see if they have had much positive and negative feedback (negative feedback is a bad thing.) 3. and the postage and handling.

thank you and this is my guide.

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