even more reasons to buy DORA 4boys & girls all ages.

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HI...I have purchased hundreds of dollars worth of "DORA THE EXPLORER" and now "DIEGO" too...it has all been purchased thru ebay because of the variety available and the prices compared to all real world toy shops and bookshops...I looked and most stock nothing of dora or the same thing etc...the only cheap place surprisingly is of all places your local coles...ON EBAY...you can get lego/soft toys of dora/boot's and diego now/plus reading books/phonics books and all the DORA the EXPLORER range produced by "NICK JR"...are "BI-LANGUAL"...speaking toys and books...DVD's/games for everything from T.V. consoles to computer games/and even the playstation game is available thru many different traders...you can find some of the best in service/products and price in my feedback as there are too many for me to add now...BUT the greatest thing of all is that within months your OWN CHILDREN will be speaking SPANISH WORDS...as my two youngest are now doing...I am currently on the computer listening to "DORA" on foxtel...BOTH of the kids are in front of the T.V. talking TO IT and DORA and DIEGO...the DVD's ask them questions and my kids yell out the answers...she speaks in spanish and english whenever she wants and the kids answer in SPANISH too...without even relising it...they are learning another language easily/quickly/and fun without even relising it...it's funny too WATCH as a parent because they just don't understand what I keep finding so FUNNY...plus another positive BI-PRODUCT is the recent introduction of "DIEGO"...DORAS boy COUSIN...so this creates all sorts of family dynamics...with teaches children about how people in families are related and their parents can tell them about there own personal family connects...ie..as simple as brother/sister/to cousins/uncles/aunts/grandparents/oma's/opa's/KORU's...nan's...etcoh and grans and popa's which atleast of my four soon to be seven children including BLENDED STEPCHILDREN...so in this day and age...teaching kids these BASICS in both fun/easy and entertaining...in no way is me or my bussiness connected to them in the real worid at all...it all started innocently buying some books for my three year old daughter jasmine who has dora on her bebo page and then my eight year old FAVIAN...is a BOY who likes diego but not dora...even thou he'll still watch her...but the sad thing is he can only do this when his dads at work as he doesn't understand what a simple cartoon has been teaching his own children for him...as he is a spanish NZ MAORI with his mother being BORN in MAJORCA...meeting his father overseas...so I jokingly call my immediate family of children the UNITED NATIONS...as between them they represent...nz european/nz maori(2 of the 7tribes...TOUHOU/WINIATA/NEPIA)...spanish/dutch/maltese...I think that's enogh different combinations...plus the invention of a new family name in the world...my children are the first and only legal "WINIATA-TAYLOR's" born in BOTH NEW ZEALAND and AUSTRALIA...GENEOLOGY can be fun and interesting...there are products and information available on ebay in this field and it can link back to the arts/crafts as you can become interested in ARCHIVING/PHOTOGRAPHY/COLLLECTING/SCRAPBOOKING...supplies on EBAY...I discovered to my saddness that I am descended from ONE OF THE FIRST WHALERS in NEW ZEALAND...which at the time was probably cool being out of a boat chasing giant whales...BUT as a PACISIFIS and peace activist...myself and personally HATE THE JAPANESE killing whales...as a mammal I believe that MAKES them EVEN MORE SPECIAL than just normal animals...as a mammal the same SPECIES GROUP AS HUMAN BEINGS...they give BIRTH to LIVE YOUNG...that all first feed on their OWN MOTHER's MILK...so to me by killing a whale you are basicly killing a member of your OWN SPECIES...i.e...it mars well be another HUMAN BEING following this thinking...which I think is where the rest of the world vs japan don't seem to understand...but don't think for one minute I am racist three of my children have learnt or are learning "JAPANESE" at their PRIMARY SCHOOL...as they have a sister school programme with JAPAN and I'd love to be able to afford to send one of them if they wanted to go...it would be an honour...plus thou not japanese but still asian...one of my TATTOO THEMES OR INFLUENCES...also I have collected "BONSAI" since I won a book contest at primary school...I love seeing the miniture perfect little leaves...their are many links mentioned in this guide...I am currently hand carving WHALE TAIL BONE necklaces to sell exclusively thru joannes_art on ebay...I was trained at WHITIREA POLYTECHNIC PORIRUA,NZ by an internationally recognised NZ ARTIST/CARVER/SCULPTURE/COLLECTOR/and reintroducing the making or forging of KNIVES and the old ART of SCRIMSAW on bone...I also have in my possession legally obtained thru the conservation department to artists only...as their is illegally obtained as well available in NZ...the NZ MAORI...still know to this day and guard the secret of the whales naturally beaching death beaches with are extremely isolated and hard to get too...which still have ancient giant whale bones visible for tourists etc...but you need to obtain the legal and correct promission either government/maori/tribal or both...as like the dora series NEW ZEALAND IS A COMPLETELY BILINGUIL COUNTRY which I don't know to many others of especially including an indiginous surviving and growing second culture...all of new zealands signs and names especially tourist locations is always written in both languages...as some parents choose to send their children to maori language only government funded education centres so for many maori children in NZ english is their second language...plus it is a melting pot if you include all the other PACIFIC ISLAND NATIONS represented in NZ...especially inter-marriage combinations...last but not least one more stat;there are over 38 million SPANISH SPEAKING PEOPLE in the world...so if you want a new target market that isn't even remotely staurated with anything yet!!!ie...learn spanish/include spanish/encourage with dora...then there is still many to be made in many linked bussiness OPPERTUNITES for EBAY SELLERS...jt...copyrighted original thoughts only...the rest free for distrubition...not sold but given still maintining creative rights under law in regards to written ownership law...
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