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I for one agree that GHD is the BEST brand of styling iron you can buy on the market. I just wanted to warn people about certain GHD's on the market. I have read and research many forums and am currently a member of fraud watch and it has come to my attention that many counterfeit GHD's are being imported from China and sold on site such as eBay.
 There are wholesale sites which sell everything from i-pod's to mobile phones at ridiculous prices. People then fall for these scams and either get counterfeit item without knowing or don't get their items delivered at ALL!! These people buy from wholesalers claiming to sell 'authentic' GHD's, not knowing that they are either FAKE or BROKEN and sell them on eBay hoping to make a profit. This guide was created to help not only hopeful bargain hunters but also the eBay sellers when ordering from wholesalers. BEWARE OF FAKES FROM OVERSEAS WHOLESALERS. There are quiet a few websites that these scammers invade in the hope of trapping thousands of unexpected buyers into purchasing their counterfeit items. Below i have listed a few experiences people had with these 'wholesalers' so you know just what to expects when dealing with them.

By Aideen Sheehan Saturday December 11 2004
 CONSUMERS have been warned that fake GHD styling irons are on sale in department stores and pharmacies throughout the country. Hairdressing chain Peter Mark who has been advertising the €155 hair straightener said a number of reputable stores including Brown Thomas were selling imitation GHDs. There were a number of differences between the fake GHDs and the real ones which were a professional styling tool only available at authorised hair salons, Peter Mark said. The most obvious one is a small "i" on the GHD logo on both the packaging and the iron. Ebay. Check the feedback. There are a couple of sellers with plenty of feedback who will sell you genuine ghd straighteners, and of course there is the odd person selling a 2nd hand pair. But avoiding anyone from overseas or with a feedback of less than 1000 is usually a wise move! Also, there is no such thing as an “Approved” or “Authorised” ghd retailer. Fact is that anyone who buys ghd products is ‘authorised’ by law to sell them. Better to ignore all such claims and stick to sites that look trustworthy.
 I was buying GHD's for the first time and saw that I could buy them on ebay for about £20-£20 less than the best deals in the shops. I managed to get a pair that were advertised as genuine GHD mark 4's - for £65. The seller, based in Durham, had 99.7% positive feedback, most of it from people who had bought GHD's and were more than happy with them. Postage was £8 which seemed steep but anyway - they arrived withing 2 days. I was delighted. They were fully boxed, with DVD and instructions.
On the label of the straighteners it said to check the 'hologram' section on the GHD site to ensure they were genuine. Looking closely, I noticed a very slight scrape to one of the plates. But having read the online guides to spotting a fake, I was relieved to see;-
 - the bar codes on the cable tag and the straightener itself were different - as they should be
- the holograms appeared correct, a picture of straighteners with GHD logo in background
- after 30 mins of inactivity, they went onto standby, and the LCD turned amber
- and they beeped.
 Everything about it them seemed correct - even the tag encouraging you to check their authenticity!
Just to be sure I phoned GHD and they told me this code had been registered over 100 times - a sure indication they're fake..
So people BEWARE. If you wan't your money's worth please make sure the seller is trustworthy, NEVER pay with anything outside the eBay system eg. Western Union and lastly, keep in mind A GHD is top of the range excellent styler and there are people out there who sell GENUINE GHDs but if they're priced at $50 or $90 please use your common sense and know that such a high quality item would never sell for that much unless damaged!
I hope this will be of help.
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