fake gold and gemstone jewellery sellers

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Hello, yes I to have been stung by fake gold sellers, recently I purchased around $500aud worth of supposed solid gold jewellery only to have it turn black and green within 24 hours of wearing the items, I have also noticed a way to tell if its fake is that it has a nickel/metal smell about it once worn and I suspect that this is due to the human body producing acid which disagrees with the metal. Back to my purchase, I have received some of the money in refund ($140) but the rest I am using Paypal to retreive. The seller I bought from initially, turns out to be the same as the 2nd seller I bought from trading under another name, this has also been reported to ebay and paypal. As noticed in other articles on fake gold and jewellery sellers I have only found a couple that are genuine, one of these is The Finest Jewel and I have purchased many items from them and will continue to do so.

Whilst I have had this bad experience I will say that some of the jewellery that I have purchased from particularly China though only costume created gemstones not real jewellery as stated by them on ebay, is very beautiful and finely worked and to date has not discoloured or been effected in anyway, it seems that there a few bad apples in the barrel that should be bought to bare for their false advertising and duping of unsuspecting buyers, but they are not all tarred with the same brush.

I hope this helps 

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