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You want to buy a designer label or popular brand name product on ebay and the price is really good or it appears to be a bargain or too good to be true - you could end up getting more than you bargained for.

If one purchases products (knowingly or unknowingly) that are fake/pirated/counterfeit/copied/bootleg/reproduction - whether it is a bootleg copy of a dvd or a cd, knock-off of a brand name or designer label  it  violates copyright laws.  It is illegal to produce those items, illegal to sell those items, illegal to export, illegal to import those products.

It is illegal to bring into Australia illegal/fake goods - that 'good' value purchase could end up costing one a lot.

If one brings in illegal goods, (mail/courier - does not matter how) and if Customs opens the parcel and if they detect one is bringing in illegal/fake product(s), Customs will seize the product(s), the illegal item(s) will be destroyed by Customs, one might also get a fine from Customs and Customs can also inform the copyright owner(s) that one tried to bring in fakes of their product, and the copyright owner(s) can take legal action against one if they wish to do so.

If one gets caught will be in trouble with; Customs, and maybe also the copyright owner(s), could be fined by Customs and could also end up being sued by the copyright owner(s), and will also be out of pocket for the purchase one made.

There are many listings on ebay that are illegal - the sellers who are selling illegal goods usually do not admit they are selling illegal goods - a lot of pirated/fake goods come from Asia.

If you have bought a brand name item on ebay, for example, a Louis Vuitton hand bag or a piece of jewellery which the seller states is Tiffany & Co and when you get the item it turns out the seller sold you a fake, means the seller sold you an illegal item. If you paid using paypal then lodge a dispute with paypal and you will need to supply them/paypal with proof the seller sold and provided you with a fake/illegal item. Paypal should refund you your money, and if paypal informs you to send the item back, inform paypal it is illegal to send illegal/fake items in the mail. If you provide paypal with proof they should not be telling you to send the counterfeit item back to the seller. Illegal items should be destroyed - by law one is not supposed to be in possession of illegal items.

If you paid with a credit card not through paypal, contact your credit card provider and provide them with proof that you were sold an illegal/counterfeit item and see if they will refund you.

If you paid by a method which means you cannot get your money refunded, and if you are in Australia and you purchased the item in Australia, if the seller will not fully refund you, you could go to your local police station and file/lodge a complaint against the seller. If the person selling to you is a regular seller on ebay or is or appears to be conducting a business, lodge a written complaint (either fax, email, letter) with the Office of Fair Trading and Consumer Affairs. If you do a search on the internet you will find the website for both Fair Trading and Consumer Affairs.

If you buy an item and it turns out what you receive it an illegal item, due to being counterfeit, you could try and contact the copyright owner/brand name owner by email or by fax and inform them of the person(s) who are selling illegal copy/copies of their item(s). Copyright owners usually do not take kindly to having their copyright violated.

The best is not to buy certain brand name items on ebay because you cannot tell which listings are selling legal items and which listings are selling illegal copies/fakes/couterfeit.

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