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There are many fast food vouchers on ebay, this review will help you make your decision on which vouchers to buy.


They have a decent range of burgers and their fries are nice and salty and crunchy. An example of there range is as follows

Big Mac - A true classic, the sauce is a key factor in the taste, with 3 bits of bread (one in the middle) it hits the spot and meets your hunger.

Qtr Pounder - If you like meat this is the go a big beef patty with a hunk of cheese. good tomato sauce makes this a good burger,

Deli Choice - Macca's healthy options here - they are more expensive and you cant bundle them up in a meal deal like you can with the normal burgers. Its the sort of stuff you can only have occasionly, the beef ones are alright and normally have a heap of mustard which is generally good. It is ok but not brilliant.


KFC. - Apparantly no body does chicken like KFC. This is probably true cos they have their secret herbs and spices. the pieces of original recipe are what you go to KFC for. Their burgers and twisters are just pretenders compaire to the suculent pieces of chicken they serve up daily. My favourite is a 3 piece feed with a solo instead of pepsi. It is a good option having a lemon drink on offer and is something that Mcdonalds clearly lacks.


Hungry Jacks.

Double Bacon and beef is the way to go here. The whopper is good, but the double bacon and beef hits the spot. nice mayonaise on the burgers and usally good service too.



Provide a good healthier alternative, lots of good options including bacon and cheese. Their current souvlaki sub is the bomb, it probably doesnt have much on your local kebab shop but it does the job and is trust worthy.


pricy in comparison to the former takeaways listed but the ability to dump a heap of hot sauce on your chicken more than makes up for this.

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