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this guide is born out of frustration with ebay....

Let me tell you that I really enjoy selling and buying on ebay.... and I have recently quit my business of 18 years so as I can concentrate on my life buying and selling on  ebay, and this guide is just a reflection of some of the issues that I have faced, and think that buyers and sellers alike should read it.... or not!!  because as players in this medium that is ebay, we are responsible for our actions.... and  we should be given a level playing field so as our actions will be represented equally!!

this is my personal take on my experience.... and it is not my objective to upset anyone what so ever..

when I first started out selling, I was alittle unsure on different things like postage and the like... hence I sold and posted some items at a loss  (it cost me more than i made) and posted some items at a  lower cost  than the cost I had in my auction...  so all in all things it was a teething process and things  worked themselves out in the wash.

On the most part, at the start, and even now, everyone was happy, except the 2 gentlemen that left me negative feedback.... check my feedback out and you will see for yourself.

You will see a whole lot of great feedback that contradicts the couple of negatives.

I on the other hand left those 2 buyers great feedback. I even did this after I had to lodge a nonpayment complaint against one of the said buyers, as I know the value of positive feedback.
these guys left me bad feedback, because of the postage price on the item that they recieved(was in their opinion to high)....this feedback was left  after their successful bidding and winning of the auction....

 so my point here is that they were happy and agreed on the postage price when double opting in to place their bid. So why now is it acceptable to leave negative feedback after they had agreed to pay the winning price..... (I have no answer to this but ebay suggests that it is acceptable)

I checked out their feedback and they had both done the same thing and had negative feedback left on them.... and in one case one buyer had left alot of negative feedback to others..  ( I thought to myself this must be pecking order) at any stage if a they had contacted me and said that they had an issue... i would have gladly resolved it so as we were both happy with the end result. I was not contacted.... I found out by the red feedback.... the bad stuff.

Just a quick note here..... contact your seller.... communication is key.

Apon asking ebay to remove the feedback, they said it did not comply with their policey..... even when I sent them copies of the very unpleasant emails that I had received... from both of these people.

So I remorsefuly accepted that there was little  I could do about it and that hopefully all the positive feedback that I had accumulated  would appease any future buyer.

After getting my feedback up to a respectable percentage.... and believe me this takes alot of feedback, I then sold an item that I had run out of stock on and had the item sent directly from the manufacturer..... the seller then gave me netural feedback as he was unhappy that this item came from overseas. This I was not worried about as I know he got a great deal and will be happy with his product.

Then not long after that I sold another item to a customer.... 7 inch portable DVD player..... checking my feedback, I noticed he gave me green feedback, but the comment was very distructive.... it said that the product did not work and that I would not respond to any of his communication and that it was a waste of $500.00.

I was suprised to say the least, as I had no knowledge of this.... I called the guy up and he told me that he had sent me the wrong feedback as it was meant for another seller, and that he was more than happy with the product that he had purchased from me.... he apoligised for the mistake and as a newbe wanted to know how it could be removed. He sent me an email stating that it was a mistake, and he sent ebay an email stating that it was a mistake.

I then sent ebay an email requesting that it be removed..... to which ebay replied, that after careful consideration, the feedback was eligible to be removed and this would take up to 10 days.....  well 10 days came around and I contacted ebay about the situation of the case as the feedback that was to be removed was still there.... what was going on??

 to which they replied..... after careful consideration the feedback was not going to be removed..... now for anyone interested, i have a copy of all the corispondence with ebay on this matter.

Today 29th of sep 09 more than 2 weeks after they said they would remove the feedback, and a lot of emails from both parties, I check out my feedback, and they have removed the feedback that I had no problem with from the guy that was unhappy that the item came from overseas..... what the!!!!

Now I find that I have a person that has won an item on one of my auctions.... has a feedback of over 100 (this100 feedback is a good indication that the person knows how to trade on ebay) , and refuses to pay...
and has suggested that if I don't agree to complete the transaction by allowing her to not purchase the item from me she will leave me negative feedback.....

how is this fair???  she bid on the auction.... i did not make her do it, and now she is threatening negative feedback!!

This is not good practice..... never threaten to leave negative feedback..... feedback is very valuable to buyers and sellers alike... treat it as it should be treated, and not abused.

When ever we as buyers select the buy now or bid for an item button.... we are given a double opt in.... that means we have 2 choices.... 2 chances to buy or not.. when you select the button for the 2nd time you are entering into a contract to purchase this item if we are the successful bidder. we are willingly saying.... yes I want this item and I am happy to pay x amount.

So why can a person bid on an item, win it, and then decide not to buy it?  and if you as the seller hold them to the legally binding contract that they willingly entered into, can they refuse to pay and if they do pay threaten to leave you negative  feedback?  and to my knoledge... this is a breach of ebays policey... and ebay supports this behaviour by allowing it's continued practise?

where is the support for the ebay seller.... the support for the people that pay millions of dollars a year to ebay in the way of fees??? the very fees that keep ebay running as a business
where is the ability for the seller to leave negative feedback to the buyer?? if  the buyer  breaches it's sales contract, and ebays policey

it is no wonder that ebay has lost 20% of it's customers...... and surprisingly enough another big company that we are all aware of has picked up 20% of the market now making them the largest online market place.

I believe that ebay has to stop and take a good look at what they support as acceptable behaviour from the buyers.... if you decide to buy, then that is that, you win the auction... then sold!! your item! .

ebay should stand by the seller when the seller is in the right and the buyer when the buyer is right..... it has to be a fair market place, and it has to be a medium where both parties have equal rights. Because at the moment it is heavilly stacked in the way of the buyer..... ebay will tell you this as they want their buyer to have the best online experience...... even... if it is at the expense of the seller....  now this is a great idea in the perfect world, and believe me I try to do as much as I can to make my customers happy by adding as much value to the product as I can at the time, I try to get back to the emails in good time and I like to have your items to you for FREE and again in good time.

 but we have to even up the playing field alittle... there has to be equal support for both parties

This market place needs both the seller and the buyer to survive.... it cannot, and I say cannot survive any other way. Therefore we must all stick together on the issues that we all feel are unjust and let the people be heard.

I know this is not so much as a guide, and more of a winge and moan, but there are responsibilities that we have as both sellers and buyers.... we have to be responsible for our actions, and we have to use these online mediums with honor and integrity.

If you have got to the bottom of this guide, then thank you for the read, and please don't forget to vote yes... on the helpfull button

and if you want a pleasant ebay transaction and a great deal.... track me down on ebay and I will delighted to do great  ebay deals with you...

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