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this was my first time in using ebay and i did not no what to do first.i wanted to sell some items and also buy some .you see i am a disabled pensioner who is  63yrs old .and only just started using a was bad enought trying to find the site and then trying to find out what to had just learnt how to send an email.i then emailed the ebay team and ask them what would be simple to them but was a nightmare to first question was help.please tell what to do and how to do it.the team was very helpfull to me and told me what to do step by step.for me this was great i have made a few mistakes when buying my first item.i would like to say that part of the item i brought was damage .i contacted the supplier and asked for a replacement which they agreed to do,but i had to send the item back to them should i have to pay for the cost of the item to go back you see if they had look at the item before sending it to me they would have seen it was already damaged.the other problem i have had is when biding i made aq mistake in entering the amount EG should read $22.00 not$22.000.i did not realise  what i had done.when i saw what had happened i was so upset i did not no what to do.would it be possible to send a warning when this happens because the item i was biding on was only worth $36.00.but i suppose this is how you learn what to do .for people with a disabilty they take longer to do things and also longer to work things out well i hope this is intresting to you.regards cwmbranty

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