framing your art - a simple guide

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I would like to share some tips on professional picture framing for your art. 

(If you are an artist and wish to do your own framing, let me know and I can write a further guide targetting this request.)


1.         Firstly, consider the fact that the art you purchase will be on display for you and others to enjoy for quite some time, and the fact it may be passed down through the family as time goes on, 50 years & more.

So invest in that bit extra and have it framed right and professionally the first time. Going down to the $2 dollar shop and slapping one of their frames around the artwork is really not doing the artwork any justice.

2.            Visit a few framers and get some quotes. Also if you are a senior mention it, some framers give senior discounts. When you are in their shop, have a good look, is the work sloppy or professionally presented. Look at the samples on their wall, are the mats cut accurately? Are you happy with what you see. If not, try another shop.

3.             Once you present your artwork to the framer, take your time, let them go through a few different examples of presentations for your piece. Most framers are happy to spend the time doing this. Let them try a few different frame samples on the work.

4.              Go through different options. Firstly, MATBOARDS. For watercolours, drawings, pastels etc. Choose between basic presentation mats, or Conservation matboard. Let the framer explain this to you. With basic cheap mats, over time Acid can migrate into the artwork and be nasty for your art. If you want quality, you will have to pay that bit extra.

5.               Choose between normal glass, and U.V glass. With U.V glass it's like putting a sunscreen onto the artwork, they block out around 97% harmfull U.V rays. It's more expensive of course, but worth it.

6.                You must be happy with the frame. It has to harmonize with the painting, not clash. That goes for mats aswell. A good frame is like a good cover for a book.  Remember You want to admire the art, not just the frame!

7.                 Once you have your frame at home, don't hang them too high on the wall, as everyone does. Hang them at eye-level, so the centre of the painting is level with your eyes, simple isn't it.  Larger paintings should be hung on 2 hooks aswell.  Also don't hang it above your fireplace, as everyone does. Think of all that heat and smut going up into the painting.

Hope this info helps.

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