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QUESTION: i play all my ps2 and ps3 games obviously on the ps3. i dont have a ps2 anymore. i need help with a ps2 game. i am getting a ps2 gameshark for the game i need help on. will it work to put the ps2 gameshark in the ps3 for a ps2 game? if you dont know, can give me a link or source to where i can find out?


Sorry, but the PS2 GameShark will not work on the PS3.  The architecture for both systems is different in such a way that it won't function on there.  Now, there are versions of Action Replay that supposedly work on the PS3.  If that's the case, then I would assume there is similarly a version of the GameShark that does the same thing.  I would look on the GameShark or Action Replay web sites for this specific version.  It should say something like "works on PS3" or the like.  Personally, I've used both, and I always have considered Action Replay to be the better of the two.
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