getting ripped off by ebay sellers

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ok i bought a record from a seller in brazil, i paid right after, had good communication with the seller, 27 days later i was still waiting on my record so i contacted the seller he/she said that thier was a mail strike in his country so i agreed to wait another 2 weeks"bad mistake"  so 2 weeks later, i contacted the seller informing him that it still hadn't arrived ,  i was told by the seller that they would send another copy that was on the 15th of august it's now the 10 of september thats 27 days ago and nothing has arrived , i went to submit a complaint with ebay as an item not recieved i couldnt as 3the 30 day period had ended  so spoke with a ebay rep via live chat and was informed by them that as the 30 period  after sale had ended thier was nothing they could do and paypal couldn 't help either "wankers" the link below is of the seller how ripped me off so do buy anything from this seller thats a warning,*discos-raros*?&ssPageName=ADME:X:RTQ:AU:1181


ebay scam

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