going for a CENTRELINK BUSINESS GRANT for your ebay!!!

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CENTRELINK AUSTRALIA has grants available to it's customer's on certain benefit's...if you qualify,you can put in an application for money to start your own "VIRTUAL SHOP" legally on ebay with money from the government...I am doing this myself and will constantly be updating this guide as I go because this a golden oppertunity for the disadvantaged stuck at home for whatever reason's or choosing to be there with time...you may have become bored and want thing's that at the moment you can't afford...so instead of spending on ebay you decide to try selling...This is what I did and so do alot of other's...BUT what do you do next???good question???I have the answer's to successfully set up a virtual shop on ebay with as little initial outlay as you can manage and without much money if you don't have much...I did the same thing in NEW ZEALAND and successfully applied for a NZ BUSINESS GRANT...I then went on to run my little shop...NOW I am here in MELBOURNE,AUSTRALIA,5 years later...constructing my VIRTUAL SHOP on ebay...I have a lovely house!!!Not bad for someone who FIVE year's ago was living in a painted VAN...see NEW ZEALAND...and one of NZ's top PORCELIAN DOLL and TEDDY BEAR maker's in NEW ZEALAND...is going to have exclusive photo's of her work from me,as I try to encourage her to sell her lovely item's on ebay...thank's joanne...

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