good and bad tutus

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Tutus should be an individual choice for the child that is wearing them or the tutu should reflect the type of music they are dancing to for instance softer shades suit romantic or slower dances vibrant and deeper shades suit dramatic dances.Tutus should be made to a standard that not only flatters the child but does not show the pants fully beneath nor should it stick up at the back to look like a duck so many tutus are made wrongly and show a lot of pants at the back of the child which looks awful when they are dancing or grande jeteing.Its an art to make a tutu very few people make them to fit properly they should allow enough length for the bodice so when there is any bending backwards etc.there will be no little slip ups showing also the pants must be made to fully cover the bottom as the tutu can sometimes ride up and children can have a wedgy not nice.I dont agree that to many sequins or adornments ruin a tutu I have seen some really magnificent  tutus at City Sydney Scholarship that have been fully sequinned and adorned that light up the stage and take your breath away and I dont believe adjudicators take into account colour of tutus it helps them remember a dance.A common mistake is not enough layers of tulle at least 6-7 layers should be below skirt otherwise drooping can happen or they become almost seethrough.They should be hand sewn together softly not tightly like flying saucers they should have slight curve to them to make them look soft and feminine.Another  mistake can be  buying a mass produced tutu noone wants to turn up at an estiddfod with the same tutu as another competitor tutus are what catches the adjudicators eye first before the dancing starts I have penciled at many estiddfods and a beautiful tutu on a groomed competitor will make any judge sit up and take notice.Tutus should be a work of art either professionally made or loving by a family member who takes the time to sew their childs individuality into the costume they are wearing.A good ballet teacher will give their input to what the tutu should look like too!There are also some stretch velvet tutus being sold unless the velvet is a superb quality it will eventually have to much stretch,also fitted tutus are wonderful for short terms but children grow so quickly and will easily outgrow them stretch lycra is best also for reselling later a fitted tutu is hard to resell unless it can be adusted(expensive)or exactly the childs measurements buying.The skirt length as I believe through my child being in three ballet companies here and overseas is that the skirt should basically end at the wrist but have seen some huge skirts that overwhelm and short ones that are good for little little ones to show off their little legs but not nice on older girls.A v shape insert in front gives a loverly dimesion to the tutu as it make the bodice look longer and leaner when buying a new tutu it is good to ask for elastic not attached at back so adjustments can be made to childrens lengths.A tutu with a hip cut is very flattering and gives more shape to a leotard top tutu.Last but not least every child wants to look beautiful on stage choose wisley research your tutus wise,colour, right fitting and add those sequins they will light up the stage!!!!!

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