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HI guys...this is a small guide about one of my favourite actors since I first saw her when we were both children in the all time claasic movie role in *E.T*,my dads initials!!!!!!!!and he loved it too..........his claim to fame...I'm E.T....I put Drew and et the movie on my bebo page when I on the radio I found out she just donated one million of her own money on the *OPRAH*SHOW* the *UN*feeding programme...this guide is in support of her and that charity...besides feeding one child for a year at the moment(which actually costs$50US)...and 93%percent of the total money donated is spent directly on food...I will do whatever I can to support the *UN* who have never done this kind of publicity before??ever I think??prove me wrong..this did not happen overnight...*DREW*personally worked for them for two years behind the scenes so to speak...not at home but in *KENYA*and in the middle of no-where!!!!then she has been there their secret spokes person for the charity for over a year now before she made this public if you think thats for her own attention or gain then I have nothing more to say to with me...she said on the radio if you can't donate money...donate time...and this is my unquie effort for feeding the don't have to me miss world to have fashion with a purpose and this is myn...feed a child for a year for $50!!!!!!!93%goes directly on *FOOD* by the *UN* it for more information...this to me increases the vlue of *DREW*BARRYMORE*and the movie *E.T*both the original 80's edition and collectable items plus the 20year celebration release...I was lucky enough as a child to collect the original*E.T*movie/bubblegum collectors card from aprimary school friend who got them from the no one else would pay what I offered for the lot first time I saw them!!!!!!!!as we were all collecting*STAR*WARS*and i knew baseball cards from *US*so these would be valuble too as a primary age child you didn't need to teach me economics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and they didn't!!!!!!!!I have been a collector and fan for over twenty years...she was my sisters first positive girl role model on the she wanted to be a star as well but didn't know any other children in NEW ZEALAND at that time with the same goal...unlike the kids of today...that was just a silly dream not a current career option!!!!!!!!!!she has always been alittle different!!!!!!!!!!!!thanks for your time...keep collecting...jt...2008...
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