guide to buying the first car.

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We all go through the teething problems of a first car,what we need to look at  is the drivers needs as to the type of car to buy first up.

Is the car big enough,Is the car economical for day to day use,example,to work and back each day,to the beach,shopping,visiting friends,the pub,eating out,and most important,dating.

its nice to have a big beefy car thats fast and furious but with the high cost of petrol and the registration,let alone the day to day normal wear and tear which so many people forget about.its important to make a tally of what nonies need to be put aside.

i have 7 kids and i have seen enough to make me shudder.

its hard to resist the temptation of a fast car but you have to crawl before you walk.think of something that might go wrong with the car and what its going to cost to put it back on the road.

too many young people forget that repairs may have to be done by experts,it can be a costly care must be taken to ensure the car is looked after in every way.





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