have ebay lost the plot or what? what are they doing?

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Have Ebay lost the plot ?

It certainly seems that they are only interested in their own gains and not that of any of their sellers or buyers interests.

If you have just watched the latest episode of Today Tonight on the 19th of October then you would have seen an ebay spokesperson rambling on about how much better buyers are in Australia if they buy from Ebay america because of our strong dollar. This gripping well thought out segment was taking into consideration how strong the aussie dollar is at the moment and doing direct price comparisons on several different items including perfume, clothing and electronics. At one stage they did say that one of the comparisons took into account the shipping cost as well but with the majority of the "comparisons" no freight or handling was taken into consideration at all. Neither was the exchange rate difference made clear on many of their comparisons. It was a trumped up piece of journalism that failed to take into account the many factors involved affecting both sellers and more importantly the buyers true costs and problems with purchasing from overseas markets.

In one instance they compared an iPod between two countries and came up with a supposed massive saving of around $30 on a product worth around $130, lets just take a quick moment to analyze this a little deeper. Lets take into account the exchange rate at the time and that would shave it even more, then lets take the freight costs out and that will shave it even further, then for a bit of fun lets say that you experience a fault with the product and then have to send it back and forth to the overseas supplier and hope you actually get it back in one peice or actually fixed. Then lets add one more little detail to the whole massive saving they are ranting about, after all of these costs go against the purchase and if the product does indeed never experience a fault then by my calculations you would have saved around $3 to $9 on the purchase...WOW. But at what cost to Australia and you childrens future.. let me explain further. First of all when you buy the product overseas the Australian goverment does not collect the GST so who is going to make up that shortfall? The taxpayer of course... Then lets take it one step further, the Australian seller of these goods probably employs at least two to five people and pays taxes as do his employee's, so when you buy oversea's who supports these jobs and contributes taxes into the economy, certainly not the overseas seller. Where are the jobs going to be for Australians or the money for public use if we are all so bloody worried about saving five dollars on a $130 purchase. In the end it will cost you far more!

On top of all of that to save such a pittance you would then have to wait longer for your goods and there is a far greater chance you will never get the products in as good condition or at all.

WAKE UP PEOPLE, you should be able to see through a small saving for a more prosperous future

WAKE UP EBAY, you should be ashamed 

Vote if you agree and if we get enough people to truly understand it may make a difference.

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