how any artist on ebay can turn paper into money legall

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...HI TO MY NEW is world breaking news in the modern day field of the arts for the first time in history artists who sign and date all their original work from the time of a child correctly shown by their parents to copyright their own legal names and product their first logo based solely on their own original legally obtained initials...usually two they are serverly restricted to a circle and two elements only the letters...on a piece of paper get your artist/musical/talented children/to draw a circle as big as they want on a piece of A4 paper...tell them they can only write their initials but don't say how or how many times...leave that up to them...but tell them to make it a simple outline that they can draw easily again and again whenever they are holding a pen or pencil...put a c in a circle next to it and date it...this is how you first copyright your work as an artist...In NEW NEW I did this as a child because my parents relised very early on...that when they ADOPTED ME...they had been given someone very very special...whose BLOOD-LINES back in history fully documented by her BIRTH-MOTHER...also an artist and singer with talented children of her own and now grandchildren already producing their own family joannes_art will be a new virtual art gallery to the rest of the world on the internet...BUT don't for one minute think that this statement defines me or my company...I was legally born...JOANNE NEW ZEALAND in 1971...I was the first person in the world to copyright and design my own original label as a child...I have incorporated that combination in as many logo's as I could design since the age of a I used to draw pictures for people anywhere,anytime especially my parents friends.....if I have a piece of paper and a pen I can create a piece of original art within this space that overtime becames so natural...that in I design something on a piece of paper at home in my journels...I write it down and date/sign it in full depending on what it is ie... painting...drawing...print...but if I'm tired or it's not too important or I just don't have enough time...I have as an artist always signed my own initials first...JT and I have also dated/signed all my work in NEW ZEALAND since the age of I designed "LOGO's" for my school that I gave to them freely and in return they used it and as a small of my designs in NEW ZEALAND was used on the cover of a music programme...with my name and copyrighted signiture on it...I copyrighted my first logo design in PRIMARY DAD was and is a rich and successfull bussiness man and he saw my increadable talent and they knew to protect and hide it but they didn't know back then how to nurture and grow it...I had to learn that part myself and it has taken me 36years...BUT finally as an artist...I can design anything on paper and date and sign it...if people like it and buy it or want it and I give it to them...then they start to collect...some for free and some pay...AN artist when they're hungry or facing the STREETS will take just about anything to survive for just one more day if they're able...thou most won't been telling that...nowtake just about anything in the past for their art...and like I have always said to graffitti artists I have met around the world...don't spray it on a wall anymore and give it away for free...ONCE PEOPLE know you or like your work...go home and produce some on cars,metal etc...paper with any media sign and date a bussiness correctly on ebay and keep producing you own original work as quickly or as slowly as you want...because if you put thought into your ebay name and have been clever enough as most people have to create their first copyrightable individual personal bussiness logo's themselves for copyright designs put your signiture and date I was taught as a child...start to write your ideas in an exercise book only...don't show others as most peoples reactions to my strange ideas was to label me CRAZY!!!so I redrew myself and my art from the public arena,even from my immediate family as I was so hurt by rejection...that I cried everytime as a child when something said something nasty about my work and I always have...BUT as an artist whose goal is to be either or both rich and famous...this is the greatest lesson that you need to learn too overcome and process to succeed in this industry...go home think about what they said...look at your work..decide which parts of their statement that you now think is true or not???if you decide what they have said is incorrect or rubbish...continue as you are doing but in private until you have studied art/design etc...especially to a degree level if you want an almosted guaranteed way to success one day as I did...I have three degrees currently in ART DESIGN CRAFT SCULTURE and TEACHING but I am currently still studying art over the internet from NZ...I am a NZ trained SECONDARY SCHOOL ART TEACHER...I have taught for years both in AUS and NZ...first trained solely in NEW ZEALAND until just over four years ago when I as a mother of THREE...I made the economic decission to uproot my children and give away everything I owed including my car and all the art I had produced in that country too date...I sold as much as I could and gave it to as many people as I could before we left...BUT I brought with me and have been collecting my own personal art diaries for over ten years now and they are correctly copyrighted and archived...I have documents and proof to back all that I have just written...I am CEO of  "JOANNESART" copyrighted on ebay today is 05.02.08...6:43pm AEST...ownership of original thoughts still owned by "JT"...shared to the rest of "EBAY" for free in this guide written and thought of solely by me after many years of thinking about how to make money...and always making other people more money than me as a business in the past...We as a FAMILY company copyrighted correctly...Are currently producing our exclusive ranges to be released in the artworld on ebay australia...from "JOANNESART" will be able to buy signed items directly from a living modern day artist...bypass as many middlemen as you can,using "EBAY"...especially the guides and all the systems that they already have in place...for the first time in history...ARTIST's can if they are educated/told/have it explained to them "THISGUIDE" from jt...that you have intellectuall copyright to your own name and family name brand many famous/rich people in the world are already two of the best and easiest examples to understand...By now if you haven't fallen asleep as my boyfriend always does by now as god thought he'd put me with another musician which is good...but he is a guy!!!and the ONE thing he hates to do is READ and the one the I have always loved to do is WRITE...I hope that this personal and freely shared but not freely sold or given away modern day true and real love story...being sold on ebay solely and exclusively and I always will be for the rest of my life or until my currently "TALENTED" but young family is TRAINED to take over it for me as easily and naturally as I have just discovered...what I am saying is not a get RICHQUICK scheme for I have been looking for one of them that works in the REALWORLD...and trust me the majority don't...the top do get very very rich but at the expence of the poor at the BOTTOM...utilisling the BOTTOMS can take control...own themselves for themselves for free by reading and digusting this GUIDE written solely by me with no collaberation...I have come up with this answer at home in my studio working...writting all my original thoughts down for over the last ten and copywriting correctly...I have been able to produce myself BACKWARDS...for MANY REASONS as this grows and becomes real...that I now have the power to write or draw any idea or and sign it...then I can keep it to increase in value or for my own sentimental reasons which I do...sell it when you can...then over time as you and your work become known on ebay...ART will become an affordable and understandable item for collecting again...and from this statement with hard work and the time you need to work at it while still POOR but aiming to be rich...before someone discovers you...which used to be hard/controlled by others/and expensive/now thru ebay...has become possible!!!and free...I can personally sit back and I have been writing a book a day this week my ideas and music have been flowing so much that I can't even sleep...but those of you who really know me...I never let this stop me from matter where I am travelling in the world with my sketchbook pens and pencils...I can draw people around me and buildings...or photograph most things with my phone for ideas etc with no one else even long as I want...I may have money don't know that...BUT I am on EBAY with 100% commitment to the long haul...not a quickrich people who trade with can know with my own personal CEO...that this company and it's professional and honest bussiness practiceses...operating solely and legally on ebay exclusively...with my own artist control over timing and release dates and planned future events all to benefit my own bussiness and ebay' I slowly and methodically release my guides about ART and how to buy and collect it correctly...this industry which is currently one of the hardest to make it the world...will suddenly make sence to other artists...then by doing what comes naturally to us all already...we can now LAUNCH ourselves BACKWARDS onto the world music and art scene with very little initial moey as most of us if honest as artist emerging...theres not that much to start with...but if you keep producing and getting better!!!Then you too can achieve what I achieved with my own BRANDNAME and LABEL on EBAY...that by giving and living with commitment and direction(know your goals...)...if you don't have a goal then you will achieve that!!!so try and set your own personal BAR!!!alittle bit HIGHER...then successful and positive things...will slowly and naturally flow back to you and your business...until even when your not on the computer but your ebay bussiness is...then you have the internet covered/paid for and trading in money with your own art as self-representing ARTISTS...that while your working on your designs and producing your work in whatever medium or field within the arts which is both art and music...we can and will be able to write our own HISTORIES...and get to a stage when we can even produce our own forms of money???then the world has truely become beautiful again and peace will be possible...this message is founded in LOVE...2008 is and will be remembered as the beginning of a revival that will sweep!!!the "NATION"..."jt..."copyrighted original thought"...
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