how my*DYSLEXIA*learning*disorder*helps*me*make*money*j

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Like if this Guide is helpful those who don't know me...I have a learning do alot of other people...but mine wasn't discovered as *I* taught myself from a very young age how to overcome the point where *I* didn't even know *I* had *ONE* before they still had no name at all...this cover-up was aided by the *HELP* from my mother(adoptive) she wanted to be a *TEACHER*and practiced on me and my sister!!!!!!!!!!she taught us both to be able to read and write and count before either of us went to school!!!back in the 70's that was  a very good achievement???I personally hated it...but didn't know how much she helped *US* get thru *PRIMARY*SCHOOL*especially...we were dreams to *TEACH*as the work had already been done at home...the *SCHOOL*just took the *GLORY*...we *COLLECTED*the*AWARDS*...I use my learning disorder to help me design bussiness names including *DOMAIN*NAMES*as I click the final box sometimes and it's not until I read what I theres now a permant record on the internet of my undeliberate spelling mistake???my latest example was *YESTERDAY*I wrote down the word *paint* and when I read it couldn't believe how I had writen and spelled it and how does my brain do it and why...sometimes no matter how many times you read it or think you are...sometimes as we all have learnt in our lives...on that final click after it's too late...where your mistake you sent it too!!!!!!!!!!!life changing!!!what you said???including how you wrote it or *spelt it* method used to send it...short guide...please *FEEL*FREE*to *READ* as many as you want...I have a great sence of *HUMOR*and try to have something *FUNNIE*in each will learn my signiture trademarks over time to see if it an original...18march08...created...byjt1971...all original *IDEAS*CONCEPTS*BUSSINESSES*THOUGHTS*SAYINGS*SLOGANS*COPYRIGHTED*WORLD-WIDE*on the internet...
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