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i have bought a mobile phone on ebay. firstly i  typed in the keyword such as "mobile" or the brand name of the mobile "nokia", and all the items which match the keyword would come out, and i looked at some items which fit my needs, but also i would see their conditions and check clearly the picture shown on the items. and the next step i would compare the prices and the postage cost, because for some items, their price is cheap but the postage cost is so expensive. the other things which is important is to look at the sellers' feedback, if the sellers is a power seller, obviously i will go for him/her; but if the seller has some negative feedback, i won't be confident to buy things from them. after all these  steps, i will find out few items which i think all the conditions and prices are good, then click on "watch this item". finally i will find out one i decide to buy and start to bid on it, for some situation some items can be bought instantly by "but it now", but i prefer to have bids than but it now. because it starts on a low price and sometimes i can buy it for a good price rather than "buy it now" price, and also i enjoy buying things in an auction. during the auction, i don't bid on the item too high before ending time, wait until the and hour before ending time, then i will start to bid, otherwise starting bidding too early will cause the price too high. after i win the item, i will pay the item by paypal, coz paying by paypal is the fast and safest way to shop online, the seller will receive the payment once i pay the money and they will send out the item soon. for how long buyers will get the item depends on which post service they choose, i prefer to choose express, because i will get it the next day when they send out the item. when i receive the item i will check the conditions to see if it's as the same as i see it on ebay, if it's in good i will give the seller postive feedback, but if the item i get is not as same as it was, i will contact the seller or report  to ebay. ebay will always help us to sort out the problem. if the seller is good, they might offer a full refund but sometimes postage cost is non refundable. however, ebay is a very safe maeket and you might not so luckly experience that. hope it can help you.

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