how to change engine oil and filter on your car

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Step 1 : Positon vehicle on flat hard surface , located jacking point on front of vehicle
Step 2 : Positon jack under jacking point and proceed to lift vehicle of the ground , once both front tyres are off the ground , proceed to put
jack stands under chassie rails
Step 3 : Once vehicle front is saftly off the ground , removed engine oil filler cap , place drain tin or bucket under engine sump and proceed to undo sump plug , draing used engine oil into bucket/tin
Step 4 : Once oil has drained out of engine proceed to put sump plug back into sump and tighten to spec's .
Step 5 : Once sump plug is tighten , locate oil filter and remove , make sure bucket/tin is below oil filter (oil will leak out ) once oil has leaked out remove oil filter completely and clean surface .
Step 6 : Once surface is clean , lubricate new filter oring with a smear of old oil and fit new filter to vehicle , hand tighten filter .
Step 7 : Removed drain tin/bucket from under vehicle and put vehicle back on floor .
Step 8 : Using new oil fill engine with oil up , using oil dip stick check where oil reads , fill till it reaches full on dip stick , fit oil filler cap to engine and start engine for approx 30 sec , turn engine off
and check dip stick , dip dipstick twice to get correct reading , if oil is under fill to reading full

Note : Remember to put oil filler cap on correctly and sump plug is tighten correctly , oil filter is correctly fitted .

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