how to choose good speakers on ebay and not get ripped

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How do you know if the speakers you are looking at are really of a good quality and sound like the description states.

It has always amazed me how many speakers are now being sold without the buyer ever listening to them or being able to assess the build and sound quality. Many internet forums are full of people talking about speakers they are considering purchasing without actually ever hearing them and loads of people who are saying that it is a very risky idea. For many the convenience of shopping on line dictates that they simply can not or do not wish to go from store to store auditioning speakers and hi fi equipment and some just dont want the hassle of dealing with the instore salespeople and high prices associatted with retail stores. 

What if there was a solution that can provide a level of confidence previously not available to the majority of ebay speaker buyers.

It is possible to buy quality speakers with independant reviews written by some of Australia's leading hi fi and audio visual magazines, still shop from home and still acheive massive savings when compared to retail stores.

Here are a some suggestions to look for when you are buying new speakers on ebay,

1. Does the seller normally offer Hi Fi products or are the just the end of a clearance run from an unknown manufacturer.

2. Have the speakers got any history of previous models that they have developed from and have any of these been REVIEWED in respected Hi Fi journals or magazines.

3. Can the seller provide some recomendations to you for an amplifier, cables or acoustic recomendations to suit your room, are they experienced in this field and do they know what they are selling?

4.  Is there a solid line up of products from this manufacturer and do they have good after sales support if you need it.

5. Is there some form of money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

6. Can the speakers be auditioned from showrooms anywhere or are they strictly delivery only.

7. Can they be picked up or are you going to have to pay delivery for them even if you live two blocks away.

Buying a new Hi Fi system should be an enjoyable experience and there is nothing better than sitting down to enjoy the new toys and knowing that you have saved big dollars from the traditional retail store price and still achieved a great result. Likewise spending your money on poor quality equipment can really leave a bad taste in your mouth and a hole in your savings.

If the company that wants to sell you a speaker system cannot offer at least 5 of the above criteria then it may pay to reconsider your purchase, if at all possible talk to the seller before bidding or if they have a shopfront and you can get there an audition is the best of all.

happy listening, aussiehifi

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