how to choose the right amp fo my speakers

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Which amp should I choose?

The answer is a little comlicated but I shall try.

the amp should be chosen depending on the maximum rated power of the speakers and the type of duty cycle of the intended program material.For example , are the speakers to be used for a nightclub? touring? Home or a small bar?

A few rules to follow are

(1) If the programe material contains short bursts of signal such as in a recording studio or cinema,an amp of up to four times the rms rating of the speakers can be used

(2)If you are playing mildly compressed material whith still reasonably dynamic signals,eg live bands or recorded music an amp of up to two times the speakers rms can be used.

(3)If the music is higly compressed such as mp3s or is to be played at high output for long periods,eg club dj work or loud bar the amp should be of equal rms to the speakers.

it worth noting that it is not good practice to use amp amp with a lower power  output than the rms of your speakers because clipping by your amp may damage the voice coils of you speakers or xovers

I hope this guide is of help to you

Yours Glenn (DJ UNIVERSE) 0415563847

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