how to chose ski/snowboard clothes jacket/pants

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hello to all you new ski/snowboarders i just thought id take a few minutes to advise you of what you will need to have if you want to go into the mountains and ski fields, and enjoy your self which is primarily why we go into these enviroments that dont usually allow us ,with out specializes equiptment and for the beginner skiier or snowboarder,firstly you will need thermal underwear, nylon is the only way to go. cotton thermals promote perspiration and by the end of the day you will be soaking wet from the inside and can suffer from hypothermia.i can tell you that is not the direction you want to even think about going .secondly you will need some good nylon socks for the same reason as above.then you will need some ski pants, thinsulate or down linned are good remember breathibility is important, try to get something over 5000 mm h20 water proof, 20,000 is good enough for most conditions,, the same goes for the jacket, built in hand warmers are a must, a water proof pocket is important,a hood is usefull some times but not always necessary as most people wear a beanie, exposure hat, or helmet in snowboarders case. a fleece under your jacket is wise especially in the colder parts of the season. now gloves what ever you do dont skimp on good gloves as a beginner you fill find two thing that come in contact with the snow more frequently than anything else, yes you guessed it your butt and your hands, so get good gloves, the really cheapies usually fall apart first day leaving you uncomfortable. now you will also need some goggles dont go down with a pair of cheap sunglasses you can have some nasty accidents, any way they ice up first run and dont stop you from getting sun burnt, yes thats right just about everyone forgets to put a dab of sunscreen , i hope this helps as i get so many people new to skiing and snowboarding asking for advise .i hope this simple guide helps keep you warm follow the link and you will find all you need.
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