how to leave bulk feedback

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go to this link

this link allows you to leave feedback to a bunch of people at once, all of the people you haven't left feedback for so far, but haven't passed the feedback leaving cut off date.

this used to be a fairly easy to access link from the "my ebay" page, but seems to have disappeared in favour of laboriously leaving feedback for every item you have bought individually. i assume it is designed to encourage people to buy less on ebay for some reason.  i need 200 words to post this in a place i can easily access the link from ebay, so i probably need to keep on typing...

121 words so far for a guide that needed a whole two lines....

anyway, so, leaving feedback individually is stupidly slow, with a lot of loading of pages, although, i guess, every page you see on ebay probably increases their ad revenue rather than helping their customers do business...  this editor is also another one that disables a simple right click spell check correction if you have spelled a word wrongly.  it's a pain in the neck to have to copy and paste to google and back again just to check the spelling of a word, but their you go. some things are just better if you mess with simple text editing to add complicated programming to it.

239 words now, more than enough, lets see if i can keep this link on ebay in a place i can actually access it to leave actual feedback from now on.



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