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Hi, Gals/Guys,

i'm here happy to give tips to the people who are regular customer of DickSmith, Tandy etc.

As we know, we contantly need to get some small electronical items/tools. as an Australia, the usual places we go are DickSmith, Tandy, RS Components, Jkary etc.... (i'm in Brisbane, here are only handfull electronics stores available, sometimes its a pain in the ass to get some unique item, for example,
i was after 5units 1500uf /10v capacitors for my broken computer mother board and I went through the whole Brisbane local eletronical stores and none of them had these tiny capacities.  Finally, one store told me they can order the stock in for me but I have to buy min 100 units of this kind capacitors. OK, go ahead as long as u can get me these. 1.5 month later, I rang them up and asked them where were my stock. .... "They are on the way"....................

I was speechless.

By chance, i came across the ebay, whoe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, my god, i've found a lots of the stuff needed. the prices are just awesome, comparing with what Dick or Tany can supplied.

wait a minute..... some of the stocks are not in Brisbane, some are not even in Australia....

Are these seller are reliable? ebay seller rating definitely give me the best guides... furthermore, the same pair of seller/buyer can not rate each other more than once, this mechnism eleminates the chance for cheating. good.

so I decided to give a shot. I've ordered something from HongKong, it was a small item. supprisingly this item arrived at my place 6 days after I've paid him through PayPal. So i tested these items out. It was the same qaulity as we had in local! the price? it only cost me 50 per cent of the price of a local stock!.

started from then, i deceide to buy things from ebay. now I've purchased things from Asia, United States. but please beware, it seems lots of cheaters from .ro, .cz, I do not know what these countries are but i had a lots of doggy offers and emails from them, some of them even disguised themselves as from ebay.

with  the building-up confidence with ebay. now i'm starting to sell item i no longer needed or wanted.
so far so good. :)

talk to u guys later and share more experiences with...... thanks ebay and ebayer!
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