how to sell a guitar

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Firstly, take as many good quality photographs as possible, inside and out, to show potential bidders/buyers the best possible views of the instument.

Give a full description and what ever history, or, changes, or, added improvements that the guitar has had .

Most experienced people would like to know whether or not the fretboard is staight (without warps, twists or bumps) as that is the main integrity of the instrument and also as to what materials have been used in its' manufacture. Is the guitar made out of plywood or is it made out of solid wood.

(I realise that a lot of guitars that are up for auction are placed on ebay by the novice, who would find it difficult to be able to properly place in a lot of the correct imformation, however, pictures can at times be worth a thousand words and if ebay were to show the best sort of shots on a mandotory example page, then I feel that would greatly help the buyer, which in turn would greatly help the seller to achieve a  possible greater price.

A lot of times you see the items 'for local pickup only''. This really does restrict the chances for a better selling price and also restricts the available potential bidders/buyers, and it is also at times frustrating for the possible potential buyer, because more often than not, it places that item out of reach and I think ''ebay' should stress this point more to the seller and make that person aware that the chances of selling are restricted to their home town and not the rest of the world, or country, at least). I think ebay should ask the seller as to why the item can be for local, only, pickup, If the seller is too incapacitated to go to the post office, or couldn't be bothered, because the buyer always (usally) pays for the postage. I trully don't think apathy should be any excuse, because, I can't stress enough, it really is in the best interests of every body concerned to be able to post items off to any where in the world.






STRINGS (nylon/steel)

and if you want to get more technical, then the list could go on and on, e.g. scale lengths, types of wood used in its' manufacture (neck, back and sides, top, fretboard etc.), how many frets, what type of frets (jumbo, medium, standard). bone nut and saddle or plastic. etc. etc. etc.



I have seen adds on ebay that say no more, than, 'acoustic guitar, $40, local pickup only".and without even a single photo. To my mind, an add like this one should not be allowed to get through the scrutiny of ebay, because it tells the buyer nothing !

99 percent of all guitars, have at least, a brand name. I think the onus should be placed on ebay to make a few (at least) basic stringient criterias, because the potential buyer should not have to ask the seller the basic stuff like, what brand is it ?

I realise that not everbody (very few) know all that much about guitars. not everybody is an expert, but on the same token, not everybody is a novice, either.





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