how to sell and buy on ebay

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for the last three and a half years,i have been using the convenient and simple way to buy and sell through all started when one day i was on google search looking for a cd to buy.i clicked on the ebay link and ever since that click,i have been hooked. here is some of my best advice and tips to help you sell and buy safley and successfully from ebay.

tips for buyers: most things on ebays are by far less expensive than regular department and designer label stores.however,bidding and the way you bid all depends on how much the auctions end at. there are many wholsaler auctioneers that sell brand new items such as electrical goods, designer label clothing etc., and start the auction at as low as 0.99c(AU) and somethimes even lower.maany people get excited at finding such a great item at such a low cost.i have found keeping as close to the lowest bid as possible the cheapest way to go in an auction.say for example if the opening bid is 0.99c and you open the bidding at $10.00, it doesnt nessecarily mean you will win the auction,but it does mean that the ending price will simply be alot higher than the original bid. another one to watch out for  is while an item may be brand new,designer label etc.,the auction may be starting at 0.99c, but the seller often makes up for it all with the postage.e.g, charging 15.00 for something that costs roughly 2.50 to post. so be careful with all auctions and READ all the print and auction terms and conditions VERY CAREFULLY. If you cant keep to the terms and conditions of the auction THEN DONT BID

another tip for buyers:try and finish up the checkout and payment part of the auction ASAP.this helps complete a transaction smoothly and quickly,and also helps get your item faster!! this also helps with feedback.positive feedback is important,as the more negative feedbacks you have,the less likeley people will let you bid at their auction,also sellers even have the right to "ban" you from their auctions if you have too much negative feedback

tips for sellers:ebay is a great way to make money from home and turn trash or other things around the home that are no longer in use into some cash. check everwhere around the house,the bedroom,the wardrobes,the kitchen, the kids clothes,the garden shed etc.however when you place these items on ebay,it is important to remain realistic.start the bidding as low as possible because this is how you attract buyers.also be realistic and fair with postage costs.dont overcharge for postage.believe me it can be upsetting and annoying for buyers who have paid $20.00 for something that costs 3.50 to post.while it can be hard and frustrating,it is important to be patient and understanding with buyers.sometimes unexpected things pop up like unforseen stays in hospital,death in the family,etc.up to 10 working days is acceptable to receive payment.

when describing your item,be honest and as descriptive as possible.being dishonest causes great trouble and does get you into trouble with not only the buyer but ebay as well,with some people even losing their registration with ebay and negative feedback left.the more neg feedback you get,the less likley people will want to buy from you or sell to you.

I hope this guide has been of some use to you and helps you successfully buy and sell on ebay.


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