how to start and sell items on ebay successfully

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How about you and your sales?
About how to start and sell items on ebay successfully?
First, i want to introduce myselves, my name is jordan from china.
My major is E-business at colleague, i'm so interested in it , so
i worked at a big E-business company at shenzhen of china.
As you know, ebay is an international Auction website.It's so popular
and almost every guys know it, especially  for the young guys. 
I think you must prepare for the case following:
First you must think what items should i sell? i think if you want to sell the items on ebay succesfully, you should select the item which is popular or the item is not easy to get in shop, another it's important
that there is no too much seller who sell the item, it's the best that only you sell it, ahha, actually it's impossible that only you sell it.
Second you must prepare for the sourcing of the items. And maybe some guys ask where can i get the sourcing? the answer is not so difficult
in fact, you may search the supplier from the internet.For example, you want to sell batteries, so you can
search the keyword"batteries supplier" at "google" or Yahoo, MSN, sometimes it's more easy to find the supplier at the special trade website, like the alibaba website from china.

After you find the supplier, you should bargain with him/her, it's the best that get the lowest price at the smallest  volumes. you'd better know the market condition match the item, so that you can bargain with the supplier base the market price.
And why did i say that we should get the smallest volumes at the lowest price? because as a new seller, your
credit is not well, another you can't guarantee that you can sell out completely if you buy the items too much.
Once you confirmed the item's sourcing,you go forward a big step away from success.
The next step is find a good shipment department, because the last purpose of the customer is want to get the item promptly.
you can search the"express company" via internet like looking for the item's sourcing.Alternatively, you can find the other shipment departments around you, like Post, other express company, you should compare the shipping price and the delivery time, who is the best base the two terms? then select one which is the best.
Now if you find the item's sourcing and the shipment department, the next step is simple, just start selling on ebay.
But you need register an ebay account before you sell it, you need a credit card for enabling your ebay account, at the same time, you also need solve the payment problem, you may select paypal, it's the most
popular payment method in the world, you may use your credit card register an paypal account, notice the name of your ebay account , and paypal account and your credit card must the same.
Now you need to confirm the price of the item, you may compare the competitor, looking for the price of the items match with the competitors. If the item is sold by too much guys, you should cut down the price, otherwise you may go up the price.
You may sell the item at a low price for the purpose of promotion.
Another you need prepare for a template, mark the item's description, mark the payment, shipment terms and other information for the customer's benefit.The more of the information of your template is detailed, the more is easy to understand for customer, so the chance is more big away from success.
The last step is upload your item to ebay, you may upload it via the tools of ebay, like the turbo list,
selling manager pro and other tools.
And you need set up the time of the listing items, no matter what how many days you set up it, you should
guarantee that there are a lot of items is been offline, if so there will be more customer bid your items.
And there are too small skill or experience need to learn about ebay, it needs cost you long time to search it.
At last i hope you could do it well on ebay, Have a nice day!
best regards
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